August 13, 2016

Sometimes the simplest solutions can be the best. Sales executives are always on the lookout for ways to increase business, and sometimes the easiest solution is right in front of you.

Your top performers, the top 10to 20 percent of your sales force,usually account for 60 to 80 percent of the revenue generated in your company. In average sales departments, this translates to maybe four people who bring in most of the money every quarter.

What if you could simply double the amount of top performers and have eight or more of these salespeople? And what if they were already working for you, but not in the right role yet…just waiting to be discovered?

The most affordableand most efficient way to find the hidden gems in your company that could become top salespeople, would be to administeraptitude testing using the APQ Aptitude Assessment.

The APQ in brief

The Advanced Personality Questionnaire is a short online personality questionnaire with a proven correlation between scores and actual job performance. Those tested are given insight into whichof their personality traits dominate and what to do to stretch weaknesses into acceptable ranges. EQ, temperament and ability to work effectively in a team are also gauged, as is suitability for a number of customer-facing job roles.

Identify potential greats

While a good portion of the overall factors for sales success are things that can be developed and improved over time — prospecting skills, product knowledge, enthusiasm etc. — other can’t. It’s estimated that about half of the results you get from a sales professional has to do with natural aptitude. So it is critical to discover those with potential sales greatness in them by using the APQ.

The information you’ll gain from the APQ will empower you to make role changes with confidence, having hard data on your side. A gamut of traits, from ego drive to the empathy, will be assessed and rated by intensity. Your top salespeople will likely test high for the same set of traits, allowing you to identify others in your organization, not currently in sales roles, with similar profiles and who could benefit from transferring.

Reinforce with training

Now that you have identified and transferred four or more employees with strong natural aptitude for sales, it is time to train them. Corporate sales training is where they find out how to do the job, similar to how a natural athlete needs training to learn plays — you don’t expect her to do well if you just throw her onto the court or field without preparation.

And guess what? If you use the APQ as described here in your company, you will easily double your roster of top producers without spending a dime on recruitment ads or headhunters — from people who are already familiar with and loyal to you. Talk about a win-win-win!

And that’s how you go from 4 to 8 top sellers.

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