December 19, 2011

It happens. But does your sales training prepare you for possible disappointment? Prospects waiver, begin to feel buyers remorse, or decide they are not going to engage with your company. Don’t let these scenarios lead you to cave in. There are things you can do to salvage your efforts, or to even create future prospects.

If there are regrets and your prospect is feeling Fear, Uncertainty, or Doubt (FUD) don’t throw in the towel. Use your sales training and confirm the sale to avoid “buyers remorse.”

* Assure your customer that their decision is good. Sometimes people just need affirmation.
* Thank them for their business. This signals appreciation, but also indicates that you believe in their choice, and that it is done.
* Schedule the next event, either a meeting, or a call. Don’t let them slip away, give them a reason to stay engaged.

If the unfortunate happens, and you lose the sale, don’t burn bridges. Keep the lines of communication open and attempt to get something from the experience.

* Thank them and then ask questions that will help you understand why the sale was lost. Educate yourself so you can achieve success the next time.
* Offer to qualify as a back-up supplier and ask for a referral. Show them that you are still “in the game”
* Don’t cross them off your list. Contact them ocassionally, especially to inform them of new, or improved offerings.

The take-away – develop a “never lose” attitude and make the most of a situation that doesn’t turn out as you’d planned.

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