October 31, 2011

Once you have recognized the buyer’s shift, you are ready to push forward. There are many techniques out there that individuals have employed for past years. I can tell you that while every technique is a good move, the simple “ask for business” strategy will earn you the most success. Prospects expect to be asked for businesses, so don’t disappoint them!

Look for two things in your prospect before you make the jump:
1. The salesperson has ascertained needs
2. The salesperson presented a reasonable solution
If you have both of these steps, they have a 50% chance of closing.

To test the waters, I recommend conducting a trial close run. This is a great way to attain insight into what you need to adjust in order to make the sale.
This consists of:
1. Asking the prospect for their opinion regarding their needs. Get to the heart of the offer by asking something along the lines of “What is the most important aspect of our offering?”
2. Then, continue to push forward by getting a feel for how they’d like to move forward (“Where do we go from here?”).

Now that you have all of the information you need and you feel confident that you can deliver the best service to your prospect, the actual close is a decision-making question (i.e. “When would you like us to start the delivery?”). For more information on sales aptitude, visit our informational page here or give us a call. Tune in next week for tips on closing approaches.