January 13, 2011

Organizations that encourage even require, sales training each year for their sales and customer facing team members are certainly ahead of the game. Even the most seasoned sales professionals find some helpful tool to take away from ongoing training.

But what about other team members who are not directly in sales or customer facing? Is it worth the investment to send them to sales training? Absolutely. The truth is EVERY team member is in sales. When the accountant is having a dinner party with their neighbors who happen to be a perfect prospect for his/her company’s services, it’s very beneficial if he/she recognizes that opportunity. Or perhaps an administrative team member inputting orders notices appropriate add-on services that the sales person overlooked. The receptionist is not simply answering the phone, he/she is the organization’s Director of First Impressions and if he/she is not properly trained in sales and customer service, the entire team behind her could be losing sales.

The answer to Who Needs Sales Training is simple…EVERYONE in the organization.