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A leader in sales training for over 30 years, with hundreds of thousands trained, finally shares his best of the best sales training methodologies.

John Asher, A leader in sales training for over 30 years

After hundreds of thousands trained, he finally shares his best of the best sales training methodologies, tips and shortcuts.

John Asher Biography

In his first career, John was captain of two nuclear-powered fast attack submarines. In his final job in the Navy, he was the program manager of a billion dollar software development program. A lot of what he learned about leadership and sales he learned in the Navy.

In John’s second career he co-founded an engineering company that grew at a 42% per year growth rate compounded for 14 straight years. Along the way, the firm acquired seven other companies and John gained key insights into what it takes to develop a fast-growing business where everybody in the company is in sales!

In his third career, John started a sales and marketing advisory business to share the lessons he learned from being on the front lines of selling complex sales for over twenty years. Those lessons were translated into his Top Ten Selling Skills that are the blocking and tackling of successful sales. He and his team have trained over 70,000 salespeople in 22 countries on his efficient and effective sales process to quickly close new business.

John is a managing director of the Business Growth Alliance and Headwaters, S.C., a midcap investment banking firm, and is also a special advisor to the private equity divisions of Goldman Sachs and Indian Rivers Advisors.

Over the last two decades, John has mentored a large cadre of speakers and trainers that has fueled the growth of ASHER.

John is a recent recipient of the Lifetime Speaker Achievement Award for extraordinary contributions to Vistage, an international organization of CEOs.


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