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Even if not in a traditional sales role, we are always selling ourselves and our ideas; This book is for YOU!

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Most sales books are one good idea stretched over 100 pages. What if there was a book that incorporated key ideas from all major sales institutes and numerous best-selling sales books into a unique set of sales skills with fifteen shortcuts to make sales happen faster? It's the only book providing a robust, repeatable sales process for both business-to-business and business-to-government sales. It’s applicable to companies of any size - from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

It’s a complex, changing and challenging business world out there. Salespeople selling undifferentiated commodities are being replaced by online sales. Prospects are considering more and more transactions as commodity sales. Sales cycle times are longer and salespeople can’t qualify leads quickly enough. Only a few elite salespeople are selling the most new business. And as consultative selling has increased in importance, the sales aptitude of the sales force becomes more important than ever. For sales based on overall value, most salespeople don’t have the right kind of skills to complete successful consultative transactions.

John Asher’s passion is to make the complex simple!

John's experience as a Navy submarine commander, successful business leader, and award-winning speaker is that when you make the complex simple, you create greater success in life for everyone. That’s the passion, cause, purpose and belief at ASHER Strategies. It’s why John and his highly experienced team do what they do. Based on that passion, they provide robust revenue growth strategies for CEOs and their sales teams. They do this by consolidating best practice sales methodologies and sales aptitude research into the following three areas of sales enablement:

  • 10 fundamental sales skills, the “blocking and tackling” of sales
  • 15 simple shortcuts to help close sales faster
  • 4 easily learnable levels of emotional intelligence to allow salespeople to expertly connect with and influence customers and prospects

John and his team have provided sales advisory services to over 2,000 companies in the last two decades. The average increase in revenue for these companies was 18% in the first year. By reading The ASHER Sales Method and adopting these winning skills and processes, you too can bring in new clients faster, upsell and cross-sell to current customers better and increase your emotional intelligence to where consultative sales are successful for both you and your growing customer base.


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