Hire Top Business Guest Speakers That Inspire Business Growth

Event planners know that in order to pull off a great business conference or annual meeting, having one or more inspirational guest speakers for sales, marketing, and growth is a must.

Whether it is for the all-important keynote address which sets the tone for the rest of the conference or it is for a special breakout session or training seminar, Asher Strategies can provide the motivational business growth experts you need to fire up your team and exceed your goals.

Here is some of the expertise we can provide at your next function:

Top Sales and Marketing Speakers

John Asher - Sales Keynote Speaker

Asher Strategies is a leading sales and marketing training firm, which makes our speakers uniquely qualified to inform, educate, and inspire employees at your next sales conference or company retreat.

For smaller meetings and breakouts, we have the ability to focus directly on any area of sales and marketing which need attention, transforming what are typically dull lectures and Q & A periods into interactive, educational training sessions.

For larger audiences, our speakers can provide the energy and the motivational boost to stimulate the audience and get them charged up to succeed.

Corporate Strategy Speakers

When C-suite executives need a guest speaker, they require someone who understands the pressure and distinct challenges of their jobs and, as a result, is able to communicate with them on their level.

Asher Strategies speakers fit the bill, having had many years of senior-level management experience. Some of the topics which can be worked into a custom content plan for your next corporate meeting include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Revenue growth
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Sales process improvement
  • Motivation
  • Effective compensation
  • Strategic marketing
  • Becoming customer-centric
  • Social media and Internet strategies
  • Doing business overseas

Famous Motivational Keynote Speakers

John Asher is well known as a motivational speaker in the corporate world, especially when it comes to enlightening audiences on international business and growth topics.

As CEO of Asher Strategies, and teacher of wildly effective sales and management systems to tens of thousands of individuals worldwide, he is able to command the attention of large audiences comprised of some of the most accomplished business leaders around.

Expert Speakers on Government Sales

If your business is considering entering or expanding its penetration into the lucrative world of selling to the government and contractors, let Asher Strategies provide a government sales expert as your next keynote speaker.

In fact, why not choose our very own Senior Trainer and Facilitator, Steve Johnson. Mr. Johnson has a deep understanding of the government buying process, having been a senior buyer for the US government for 13 years!

Free guest speaker consultation

When choosing your next business guest speaker, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation to explore the options available to you through Asher Strategies. As dates are limited, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible in the planning process.

Asher Strategies Guest Speakers: the right choice for top businesses. Contact us today.

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