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"After your keynote for our sales group, I have heard nothing but praise and excitement! I also love your techniques for follow up so that our sales force will be continuously learning throughout the year."

LSI in Cincinnati, OH

John Asher Quick Facts:

  • Over 30 years of sales training and speaking to over 80,000 sales professionals in more than 2,100 companies
  • Engagement fees from $15,000-$25,000
  • Close Deals Faster in top 3% of all business books sold on Amazon
  • Topics focus on business growth, sales training, emotional intelligence, selling to the old brain
  • Vistage Lifetime Achievement recipient for extraordinary contributions to the Vistage community
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Key topics for John Asher Keynotes include:

Business Growth

John is an expert in implementing processes needed to accelerate top line business growth. He knows his business when it comes to managing growth, having taken one of his former enterprises from startup to an impressive $165 million in annual revenues, in less than ten years. He covers setting your strategy, implementing goals that work, improving the 15 sales processes essential to adding new business, and motivating your sales team to greater success.

Selling Skills

Learn the “Top Ten Selling Skills” that every salesperson needs, and everyone can use to better their relationships in all areas. John has studied every top sales book for the last 30 years and boils them down to these 10 must-have skills. He makes it fun and interesting to apply the skills in real life sales situations. His humor and great stories make his presentation memorable and a topic every attendee can apply right away.

Emotional Intelligence

The Asher Strategies team has pioneered the application of Emotional Intelligence to sales genius. John Asher is an expert at helping people understand their own emotional intelligence AND he shows them how to improve it for sales success. He simply explains the four levels of Emotional Intelligence and how to move from one level to the next until you are an elite salesperson.

Old Brain vs. New Brain

The Neuroscience Behind Great Salespeople. If you want to learn why people buy from people, and why some great customers don’t buy from you, this is a must-hear presentation. John has studied the science behind making decisions and the results will astound you. Not only will you see why some people bond with you instantly but also why some never will. It’s the ability to turn those who are not a natural fit for you into new customers that makes Johns speaking on Old Brain vs. New Brain sales techniques such a great keynote topic.

Highlights of John’s Recent Speaking Engagements

Institute for Excellence in Sales

IES is a service organization for the sales professional. It is a trusted conduit of the top sales services, speakers, programs, trainers, products, and content. John was keynote speaker at their January 2018 Meeting in Washington DC. His topic was Wake Up your customer's Old Brain and Shorten Sales Cycles, showing how neuroscience affects purchasing and knowing how it works can make your sales close faster.

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LSI in Cincinnati, OH

"After your keynote for our sales group, I have heard nothing but praise and excitement! I also love your techniques for follow up so that our sales force will be continuously learning throughout the year."

Air Technologies in Columbus, OH

"Your keynote to our nationwide group of salespeople was 'rock solid'. All of my groups came away with new tools and ideas that are immediately actionable to close their prospects faster. Let’s do it again next year!"

iPPA Conference 2018 in Las Vegas

"Your keynote speech to our 350 small business owners and their salespeople was absolutely fabulous. It was the best we have had in the history of our organization. All salespeople want to know what techniques they can use to close deals faster. You delivered and you exceeded our expectations."

Wow! We had no idea that our CEOs would be so engaged in the neuroscience behind the most effective sales techniques. We have never had a speaker who got high scores from every single attendee. We need to roll your presentation out to our 22,000 CEOs in the SMB market.

Vistage Executive Summit, LaJolla, CA

Thank you so much for providing the sales skills needed by our technical teams to expand our business in the US, Asia and Europe. The follow up techniques to the original keynotes and sales training events have been especially useful.

Standex (NYSE: SXI)

Your interactive sessions got the entire group involved and has had amazing results. I will be happy to recommend you for any group of salespeople who are eager for new tools and techniques that they can use the next day.

Institute for Excellence in Sales, McLean, VA

We are in a niche market; government marketing. Most speakers that we have had do not really understand our unique challenges. You get it! You really helped us realize how to take advantage of the buyer’s old brain stimuli and cognitive biases to build great relationships with our government customers! Thank you so much!

Government Marketing University, Washington, DC

Your keynote was a revelation to our sales team! Your understanding of the latest neuroscience studies that show the science behind the buyer’s decision making process was particularly useful for our team. Your speech was exactly what we needed to maintain our dominant position in the mainland market.

China Mobile, Beijing, China

You kept my 100 salespeople spellbound for the entire keynote. Many of my people said that it was the best sales information that they had ever received....The three interactive sessions were a big hit; everyone came away understanding first-hand how to use your unique sales methodologies tuned to how buyers make decisions. Thanks so much.

Open Mortgage, Austin, TX

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