Motivational Marketing Keynote Speakers for Seminars and Special Events

You have planned your seminar to the last detail. Everyone has checked in and your sales and marketing team members have all settled into their seats. The welcome speech by your CEO is about to finish, and the special keynote speaker is about to be brought up on stage.

What happens next can go one of two ways:

  • A terrific, high-energy speaker is introduced who rocks the audience’s world with cutting edge, useable marketing information which fires up your team and motivates them to get creative and really bring in the business.


  • A keynote speaker is introduced and delivers a speech that everyone forgets by the first break.

Which would you rather invest your money and reputation in?

More importantly, who are you going to trust when you are trying to take your company to the next level of success?

Hire Top Marketing Keynote Speakers for Your Next Event

John Asher - Sales Keynote Speaker

If your sales and marketing teams are out of fresh ideas, Asher Strategies marketing keynote speakers can help inspire them by providing advice on what is working and what isn’t in both the intensely competitive global marketplace and smaller regional markets.

And now that knowledge can be yours.

Transform your next event and your employees, with a dynamic Asher Strategies marketing expert who will share experience “from the trenches,”relevant whether your firm deals in B2B sales, technology sales, government sales, large industrial sales, or international sales.

What Benefits Can We Expect from Hiring an Asher MotivationalKeynote Speaker?

When you book one of our professional speakers for your next event, you can expect:

  • Motivation to take action and improve results — both personally and professionally
  • Inspiration to meet and exceed goals
  • Valuable tips from experts who market and sell day in and day out
  • Information pertinent to your specific industry and company
  • Professionalism — from the booking process to the keynote address
  • Attendee buy-in for the rest of the seminar or conference
  • Audience engagement
  • Powerful stories

As a testament to our speakers’ abilities, Asher Strategies is often hired to conduct more comprehensive sales training after employees hear one of our marketing and sales keynotes.

How to Hire one of Asher’s Marketing Keynote Speakers

The process is relatively easy. Just contact us with the date of your event and location, and with just a few other pieces of information we can prepare a customized quote for you.

Dates are limited and booking fast, so hurry!

Whether you are an SMB planning a small seminar or a Fortune 500, global firm preparing for a big annual blowout event, Asher Strategies can provide the right speaker for your marketing keynote and set the right tone for the rest of your conference.

We look forward to helping make your next event a success.


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