How Top Business Motivational and Inspirational Speakers Help You Grow

Asher Strategies has been in the motivational and inspirational speakers business for years, so we know how effective a good speaker can be in improving business growth. Our track record and repeat business also shows that businesses, from midsize to global in scope, appreciate the value of hiring a top business speaker.

The benefits are not intangible. We have found that there are direct, measurable improvements to be had from having a business motivational speaker address a sales team, C-suite, or even an entire company.

Here are some of the major ones:

John Asher - Sales Keynote Speaker

Leverage an outside perspective

Not every CEO can muster and motivate their people in the way someone like Steve Jobs was able to do.

This is especially so if people are already in a lethargic stage or business is slumping, as there might be trust issues with the leadership which prevents employees from fully buying into the message it is trying to deliver.

Enter the outside professional motivational and inspirational speaker, who is also a business leader and can highlight your unique growth opportunities.

By bringing in an exterior point of view and a fresh perspective, an audience is much more likely to listen and, therefore, apply the information being given to them. Any person in attendance expands his or her mindset because a great speaker will unfix their attention from whatever problems they are dealing with and open them up to a world of greater possibilities.

This, in turn, leads to more creative thinking, more opportunity creation, and more revenue.


One of the best ways to engage an audience is to tell them stories. Top motivational and inspirational speakers are usually armed with amazing stories that directly relate to your audience and help ingrain the concepts you are trying to get across in a fun or emotional way.

Asher Strategies’ speakers all have personal business growth backstories that keep your audience not only entertained, but inspired, as they share how they and others overcame challenges to become the successes they are today. Audience members end up feeling “If you can do it, so can I,” and return to work with greater confidence.

Re-energize the troops

Seeing the same four walls and dealing with mundane routines can make even the most energetic corporate team’s enthusiasm falter after a while, especially if the company is in a rut in one or more important areas — such as sales.

However, listening to a dynamic, relatable speaker can completely transform a group and provide motivation available no other way. When that speaker’s energizing power is coupled with practical tips people can actually use to improve business, and is not just simple cheerleading, it’s a winning combination.

Just like a powerful sports coach, a great inspirational speaker can turn a nearly defeated team around with just one talk and revitalize them to keep marching towards a win!

Bring people together

The greatest business motivational and inspirational speakersknow how to bring a group of individuals together, whether it is through reaffirming the company’s vision and goals or through having audience members interact with each other in new ways which establish better connections.

And often, the simple experience of attending a motivational speech together outside of the office is enough to freshen things up and get the cooperative juices flowing again.

If your employees need a boost, Asher Strategies has the speakers you are looking for. Contact us for your next sales meeting, annual conference, or team-building outing.


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Exclusive New Sales Book: Close Deals Faster: The 15 Shortcuts of the Asher Sales Method

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Learn More & Download Your Sample Chapter

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