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A speakers bureau is an agency of sorts for motivational and keynote speakers. Among the many in existence, the notable ones include a variety of figures from business leaders to sports stars to television celebrities. There are also more than a handful of self-help gurus on bureau rosters as well.

The benefit of a business speakers bureau is the large number of choices you have when hiring a keynote or inspirational speaker. However, this can also be a liability, as often the bureaus act mostly as a database with hundreds of names, rather than forming deep relationships with the speakers they offer and knowing what type of events they excel in.

Go Direct with Asher’s Inspirational Business Speakers

John Asher - Sales Keynote Speaker

Asher is not a bureau, but rather a small targeted group of speakers focused on helping businesses grow their revenue. When you book us, you skip the middle man and save time and money.

Other advantages of going direct instead of dealing with a motivational speakers bureau:

  • Avoid extra paperwork and miscommunication
  • We do not overbook our speakers, so they are fresh and prepared to speak to your audience, instead of worrying about catching their flight to the next speech
  • Highly targeted — we deal with only one thing, which is to help businesses grow their bottom line through sales and marketing improvements
  • Combine keynote speech with breakout sessions to train staff on Asher Strategies sales and marketing methods
  • International Speakers for Midsize and Global Businesses

    With an increasingly global marketplace, speakers bureaus are experiencing a great demand for speakers who can address international businesses. While our speakers are American, they are experts in doing business overseas, particularly when dealing with Asia.

    Whether your firm is just dipping its toes in international business, or is already experienced and just needs some more insight to increase penetration and market share, we can provide our expertise to provide a competitive edge and motivate your people to get busy creating opportunities.

    To sum up, when you need a professional speaker to rev up your audience and inspire gains in sales and revenue, skip the tedious speakers bureau search and come direct to the source: Asher Speakers.

    Previously, Mr. Asher was founder, Chairman and CEO of Global Associates, Ltd. for eleven years. During Mr. Asher's tenure, the company grew from startup to $50 million in annual revenues.

    Contact us today for a painless quote on your next event!


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