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With our webinars you will get a taste of what you will experience in one of our seminars. Concise and informative, these webinars give you instant techniques to implement TODAY.

What changes can my company expect from implementing Asher Sales methods?

  • 45% Reduction in Sales Cycle Time
  • 22% Increase in Sales of High-Margin, Add-on Business to Current Customers
  • 70% Less Turnover after Implementing the CPQ Test
  • 17% Increase in Sales From Acquisition of New Customers
  • Customized Sales Coaching for a More Effective Sales Team
  • Sales and Marketing Process Audit

Webinar Overviews:

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CPQ – The Power of Assessing Your Team

Ever wonder why certain people excel in some positions and not others? What is the mark of an amazing salesperson? ASHER’s Kyla O’Connell discusses how personality factors into sales productivity and can predict where employees will function best in the sales funnel.

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Sales Skills Training - Understanding how to match & mirror prospect personalities

In this concise webinar, viewers can get a sneak peak into John Asher's Sales Skills Training.
Focusing on matching and mirroring, we reveal how to adjust your own style
to dramatically increase sales.

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Using Coaches to Fully Understand Customer Requirements and the Power of LinkedIn

Whether you are facing tough decision makers, or miscommunication about customer needs, coaches can give you that competitive edge you need to make any type of buyer say, “yes.”

What can I learn from an Asher Webinar?

In our interactive webinar library, you have an introduction to the brains behind the 5 Factors of Sales Success, CPQ Aptitude Tests and other key tools for business- to-business companies to reach their aggressive sales goals.

ASHER can change the way your company hires a sales team, trains them, implements sales and marketing practices and even how you do business with existing clients.

  • An Introduction to the 5 Factors of Sales Success
  • How to Understand and Implement the CPQ Test
  • Highlighting Sales Best Practices

Our webinars are the gateway to the sales strategies your business needs

Our focus is on YOU and YOUR sales needs as a company, business owner or CEO. Listen to one (or all!) of our free webinars and introduce yourself to a whole new way of looking at the complex sales process. We guarantee ASHER will expand your knowledge so you can move to the top of your industry, solidify relationships with current clients and rake in profits.

To learn more about ASHER Strategies and our seminars, or tell us about a seminar you recently attended, please contact us.

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John Asher's impact as a trainer and a keynote speaker

John Asher Sales Presentation

Watch ASHER Trainer, Kyla O’Connell, help new salespeople feel like experts!

On-site sales training

Watch ASHER Trainer, Steve Johnson, capture audiences with his amazing background and stories that cement new information and techniques!

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Hear first-hand from clients on ASHER's training and business impacts

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