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Sales Motivational Speaker: Ignite Your Team & Close Deals Faster With John Asher

Your Next Sales Motivational Speaker: Ignite Your Sales Team & Close Deals Faster with John Asher

A motivating, interactive, dynamic sales keynote address to drive your team's success from Sales Expert and best-selling author, John Asher

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A Sales Keynote Speaker with The Experience, Storytelling, & Business Acumen to Ignite Your Sales

John Asher can move your top line sales with a dynamic and impactful keynote speech. In today's competitive markets, nothing is more significant than accelerating your company’s sales. And no one is more vibrant and knowledgeable than the sales expert John Asher.

Known for his entertaining and motivational style, he provides keynotes and break-out sessions that are truly enlightening and full of proven research on what the most successful sales people and organizations do differently. Learn about Selling to the Old Brain", or "How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success".

Attendees will leave your event charged up and ready to implement new ideas and techniques!

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John Asher Snapshot

  • Best-selling Author, Close Deals Faster
  • Grew previous enterprise from startup to $165m in under 10 years
  • Trained over 80,000 sales professionals in more than 2,100 companies
  • Vistage Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Former Navy Captain of two fast attack submarines
  • Over 40 years in sales develop best of breed sales strategies and techniques
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"After your keynote for our sales group, I have heard nothing but praise and excitement! I also love your techniques for follow up so that our sales force will be continuously learning throughout the year."

LSI in Cincinnati, OH

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