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Keynote speeches on closing deals faster to boost sales

Speeches that deliver real performance gains.

Want to boost revenue in your company? Keynote speeches on closing deals faster deliver performance gains due to their highly applicable nature. Rather than bore your sales force with endless theory, keynote speeches on closing deals faster excite and energize sales professionals with information they can use immediately – even between breakout sessions when most salespeople rush to answer texts and emails!

Most firms choose keynote speakers to inspire and entertain. Why not combine inspiration and fun with money-making information which your people can actually use? This increases the ROI of your conference or meeting dollars and delivers long-lasting positive effects to your business.

Here is some of the key information your salespeople could learn by choosing John Asher as your sales keynote speaker:

  • The primary emotional drivers which affect buyers’ decisions to purchase – or not.
  • Cognitive biases when used in proper context by salespeople and marketers, lead to bigger and more frequent sales.
  • 15 key strategies to close deals faster built on nearly three decades of experience.

The best part is that with Asher Strategies, your keynote speech can be customized to accommodate your special requests. We want to help you achieve your goals, so our keynote speeches on closing deals faster will tie into your conference theme with great relevance.

For example, you might be planning an incentive trip for your top producers with a focus on building and reinforcing a “team” mindset. To help drive home your theme, we could develop content around how emotional intelligence affects relationships, how to discover your emotional profile, and ways to stretch weaknesses to better relate to other staff members and buyers. These discoveries result in greater affinity, cohesion, and morale – exactly what you want when building a powerful team.

Or, if your priority is improving your customer experience, we could produce a keynote which emphasizes the cognitive biases you should leverage when developing marketing materials, web content, sales presentations, and other customer-facing assets. These trigger desired behavior in prospects and existing customers, such as higher clickthroughs, more referrals, and a better closing rate.

Keynote speeches should be considered investments which elicit more than a “that was cool!” response from your audience. Instead, hire a speaker who will leave your employees thinking, “I know what to do to make more sales this quarter!” and enjoy more productivity as well.

Choose John Asher as your next keynote speaker and start closing deals faster.

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