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Keynotes for salespeople based on neuroscience to grow your revenue

Learn from the leader in neuroscience-based selling programs

Asher Strategies is a leader in neuroscience-based selling programs. Keynotes for salespeople based on neuroscience are making an impact on sales professionals all over the country, as it is opening their eyes to new possibilities. When you combine tried-and-true sales methodologies which have worked for decades, with cutting edge research into the mind, you have a powerful new approach to working with buyers.

This results in higher win rates, better morale, and a thriving business. Keynotes for salespeople based on neuroscience should be considered for any sales training gathering, sales conferences, incentive trips for salespeople, or even as a special treat at an upcoming weekly sales meeting.

What neuroscience has to do with selling

In a word, everything. Sales is a people business, and people make decisions based on certain principles which are the subject of much study. Neuroscience seeks to explain human behavior and the “why” behind our decisions, and keynotes for salespeople based on neuroscience tap into this body of knowledge. When salespeople learn it, they perform at a much higher level, because they have gained insight into what makes people tick.

Emotional intelligence is the new ingredient for sales success

The importance of emotional intelligence for sales professionals is more apparent each day. EI (sometimes referred to as EQ) is a concept developed from research in neuroscience. It refers to the ability to handle people as emotional creatures, rather than strictly rational ones. It allows salespeople to communicate effectively with different personality styles, leading to better relationships and more positive buying decisions.

Leverage the latest neuroscience data to increase performance

John Asher’s keynotes for salespeople based on neuroscience are always updated to present the latest, most relevant developments in neuroscience. This provides a very compelling experience for attendees because they hear this information from no other source. Further, John presents the data in an easily digestible way which stresses application, rather than bore with unnecessary details or excessive jargon. He wants the audience to be able to use the latest neuroscience data when selling, immediately after the keynote!

Keynotes for salespeople based on neuroscience are an exciting way to kick off your next meeting or conference. Audience members will gain a deeper understanding of emotional intelligence and how to improve it to foster better relationships with both colleagues and buyers. This leads to a new outlook on selling – one which leads to greater results and a healthier bottom line for your company.

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