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Neuroscience-based sales keynote speeches wow attendees

Improve your sales conferences and your bottom line.

Neuroscience-based sales keynote speeches can have significant impacts on your upcoming sales conferences – and your bottom line. The world of sales and marketing has become data-driven; rather than relying on gut instincts or pure creativity. Therefore, the data coming out of the latest neuroscience research is increasingly important to anyone in sales.

To that end, it makes sense to book a speaker who can distill the most important facts from this science into easily digestible nuggets of information. These can then be more easily applied by all sales professionals, managers, and executives.

Neuroscience-based sales keynote speeches by John Asher enlighten attendees on topics such as:

Old brain vs new brain

One topic which intrigues every audience John presents to is the concept of the “old brain” versus the “new brain,” and how targeting the old brain is the trick to driving favorable decisions in your buyers. Too many salespeople miss out because they are trying to explain things rationally without addressing the buyer’s emotional drivers first.

This fascinating topic is enhanced with information regarding the Six Primary Stimuli the old brain responds most strongly to, as well as the 20+ Cognitive Biases which, if properly leveraged by salespeople, result in greater positive feelings and responses from buyers.

Understand emotional intelligence for sales success

The neuroscience-based sales keynote speeches delivered by John Asher teach salespeople about emotional intelligence for sales success. A significant challenge for most salespeople is to understand their own emotional strengths and weaknesses and how it affects their performance when trying to close deals. John illuminates the different personality styles salespeople and buyers fall into, and techniques to bridge differences and develop better rapport, ultimately leading to better professional relationships and more closed deals.

Why choose John Asher for your keynote speech

John Asher is the top source of neuroscience-based sales keynote speeches on the professional speaker circuit today. No other prominent keynote speaker delivers this information in such a succinct, easy-to-grasp manner. Your team members will leave with an expanded awareness of how emotions control the entire decision-making process in buyers. Furthermore, John provides actual tactics for addressing the old brain and its cognitive biases to increase sales performance.

Dynamic. Information-packed. Transformative.

These are some of the terms to describe a John Asher keynote speech centered around the exciting and ever-developing world of neuroscience-based selling. Consider him for your next big event.

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