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New sales keynote speeches for business development

Get an inspired and better-educated sales force

New sales keynote speeches can help you reach your business development goals through an inspired and better-educated sales force. Both green salespeople and veterans will gain valuable knowledge which could transform their selling process and closing skills to levels previously unattainable.

Here are some of the business-transforming topics Asher new sales keynote speeches can deliver to your sales team.

How to identify the best sales prospects

Business development starts with prospecting. However, not all prospects are of equal value to your business. Asher new sales keynote speeches can teach your sales force proven, uncomplicated methods of filtering prospects beyond what your CRM automated lead-scoring algorithms spit out. These surface the accounts worth pursuing – and which are likeliest to close.

The end benefits are faster sales cycles, improved ROI for your business development dollars, and bolstered win rates.

The most effective ways to reach decision-makers

Gatekeepers are not much of an issue if you know the Asher secret for reaching decision makers. Not only that, but by using this tip your salespeople will deal with much more receptive buyers when compared with cold approaches.

Asher new sales keynote speeches teach the best way to develop “coaches,” who are your direct connection to decision makers. This technique is a must for anyone involved in business development, as it speeds up your access to the buyers who will actually sign the contract and write the check.

Making the right connection using emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is one of the hot topics in neuroscience and is incorporated into Asher new sales keynote speeches. This exciting new approach to selling has transformed the sales departments of many businesses, and it can do the same for yours.

The first step in improving emotional intelligence is an understanding of exactly what it is, and then understanding one’s own EI and how this relates to sales performance. John Asher walks business development professionals through this journey of self-discovery so they can achieve their highest potential in sales.

Closing tips using neuroscience

Finally, new sales keynote speeches by Asher Strategies provide invaluable closing tips using neuroscience, such as mirroring, recognizing the buyer’s shift, and leveraging the six primary stimuli and 20+ cognitive biases to close more deals. It’s a fascinating topic, and John Asher is an expert at training others to use it in their businesses.

If you are serious about business development, then invest in one of the best keynote speakers for salespeople: John Asher.

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