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The Neuroscience of Selling: Proven Sales Secrets to Win Over the Buyer's Heart and Mind

A revolutionary way to increase your sales! Sales is not just about logic and emotion. Extraordinary salespeople are top earners because they understand the deeper levels of the brain and how buyers think. Global sales expert John Asher explores these hidden biases and brain stimuli, and provides tips and techniques to: Increase your likeability Steer a profitable conversation Stand out from the competition Win customers for life! Discover real sales success and bring new value to your company!

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Close Deals Faster

Most sales books are one good idea stretched over 100 pages. What if there was a book that incorporated key ideas from all major sales institutes and numerous best-selling sales books into a unique set of sales skills with fifteen shortcuts to make sales happen faster? It's the only book providing a robust, repeatable sales process for both business-to-business and business-to-government sales. It’s applicable to companies of any size - from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

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John Asher Snapshot

  • Best-selling Author, Close Deals Faster
  • Grew previous enterprise from startup to $165m in under 10 years
  • Trained over 80,000 sales professionals in more tan 2,100 companies
  • Vistage Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Former Navy Captain of two fast attack submarines
  • Over 40 years in sales develop best of breed sales strategies and techniques
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"After your keynote for our sales group, I have heard nothing but praise and excitement! I also love your techniques for follow up so that our sales force will be continuously learning throughout the year."

LSI in Cincinnati, OH

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