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Sales keynote speeches to inspire your sales team

A cost-effective solution to address the entire team at once.

Sales keynote speeches are used by leading firms to inject some excitement and instill cutting-edge sales techniques into their sales force. A good sales keynote speech is a cost-effective solution to address the entire team at once. Because it is delivered by a sales authority, it increases buy-in and contribution to the forward motion of the company after they return home from the conference or meeting.

John Asher has delivered inspiring and educational keynotes to countless salespeople and C-suite executives across the globe. Here is why you should book him for your next keynote to inspire your sales team:

Revitalize sluggish performers

Every salesperson experiences a slump every once in a while – even top performers. Sales keynote speeches by John Asher provide just the right dose of inspiration to get your salespeople back in high gear and ready to crush their quotas. The key is to rekindle their purpose, whether that be making a lot of money, a sense of accomplishment or achievement, or simply helping others through your product or service. When they are given new tools to improve their jobs, and become personally inspired through motivational talks, they return to their role with a new vigor. This is what sales keynote speeches by John Asher deliver.

Learn the latest sales techniques

Neuroscience based selling which leverages emotional intelligence is one of the most revolutionary developments in selling. Sales keynote speeches from Asher Strategies are the leading source of information on this new selling methodology, which combines the latest neuroscience research with tried-and-true selling techniques honed over decades of experience. When you mix powerful closes with an understanding of how the brain makes decisions (emotionally), you cannot help but become more successful.

Earn more business

The bottom line, sales keynote speeches can be just what a sales team needs to close more deals. Not only will your salespeople leave entertained and motivated, they will also learn practical skills which change the way they approach selling from that point forward. John Asher teaches from material built on over 30 years of sales training experience. These topics, such as that on emotional intelligence for sales success, can surface heretofore unexplored sources of revenue in your company.

John Asher is one of the leading sales keynote speakers in action today. Leverage his extensive knowledge and skills as a sales trainer for your next conference or sales meeting – and inspire your sales team to reach higher levels.

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