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Sales Keynotes to improve meeting outcomes

A powerful addition to any meeting with salespeople.

If you are reading this, chances are you are planning a big sales conference or meeting and need a compelling yet cost-effective speaker lineup to engage and motivate your salespeople. Sales keynotes are a powerful addition to any meeting with salespeople, and can directly impact your business development efforts.

John Asher is a top-rated sales keynote speaker with extensive experience addressing salespeople, managers, and the C-suite. He has trained thousands of people in over 1,200 companies, personally coached top CEOs, and is highly sought out for his presentation skills and knowledge.

Why should you hire John for your next sales keynotes?

More engagement

Sales keynotes delivered by a veteran salesman and sales trainer such as John Asher capture more attention from salespeople than other types of keynote speeches. The reason is that while other speakers such as celebrities or comedians can certainly entertain, they usually fail to present material salespeople can actually use on the job. Salespeople are competitive, and are always seeking an edge. When sales keynotes promise to give them one, they perk up, pay attention, and engage with the presenter.

Greater Confidence

Sales keynotes by John Asher give salespeople information they need to succeed in this modern selling era. Buyers today control a great deal of the sales cycle thanks to the internet. They are much more savvy, and don’t need salespeople to explain as much as in previous generations. This can leave sales pros feeling disadvantaged. However, by understanding emotional intelligence for sales success, they will have greater confidence when they meet the buyer in the sales cycle.

Higher retention

When you invest in your salespeople, they tend to remain loyal. A big complaint among employees in any industry is that they feel like just another number. Sales keynotes by John Asher are a terrific investment which lets your people know you care about their career and personal growth, and that they are not disposable. This reduces turnover and improves morale.

Message penetration

Sales keynotes are a rare chance to get your vision or campaign message delivered by a non-company entity by incorporating it into the presenter’s content. This is helpful because of the credibility of the speaker, which might surpass the credibility of company execs who your employees feel overly familiar with. When a trusted, outside expert says it – it must be true!

John Asher is available for your sales conference or company meeting across the U.S. and most of Asia and Europe. Contact us for more information.

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