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Top rated sales keynote speakers can transform your business

Get the most out of sales conferences and training sessions

Top rated sales keynote speakers are an increasingly popular choice for sales conferences, training sessions, and other company functions. These speakers provide an excellent value while increasing your bottom line through a better educated and motivated sales force.

There are other benefits to hiring top rated keynote speakers, such as John Asher:

Increase buy-in of your mission and vision

Top rated sales keynote speakers can drive home your mission statement and company vision to increase their buy-in among audience members. Think about it: a speaker has the full attention of your audience and is perceived as an authority figure. If your employees have tuned out your leadership and its messaging, top rated sales keynote speakers can penetrate these disinterested minds and incorporate your message into their content. This will reengage your employees with your mission and reinvigorate your campaign.

Develop esprit-de-corps

When top rated sales keynote speakers deliver excellent, career-enhancing information, it makes a strong impact on an audience. This shared experience bonds people closer together and builds team spirit. In fact, you might see employees who previously avoided interaction becoming quite friendly once they return to the office, as they now have more in common.

Lift revenue

The information presented by top rated sales keynote speakers is extremely pertinent to salespeople as well as highly applicable to the workaday world. For example, John Asher’s keynote speeches on Selling to the Old Brain, based on the latest neuroscience, are highly valued by salespeople because they can use the information to close more deals immediately. This effect carries well into the future, especially when combined with sales training and coaching.

Reinvigorate managers and executives

Managers and executives also deserve attention, whether they carry their own personal sales pipelines or solely manage employees full-time. Asher’s presentations on emotional intelligence help them better manage relationships with customers and salespeople. Understanding the 20+ cognitive biases of the brain, information which is presented in keynote form exclusively by John, will inform how they strategize big accounts and develop marketing messages going forward. These new tools can light fires under previously battle-worn execs.

You have invested a lot of time and effort into building the best sales force possible. Take it to the next level in performance and results with top rated keynote speakers like John Asher from Asher Strategies.

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