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Want amazing sales keynote speeches? Hire a professional sales trainer.

Motivate team members to tackle their quotas

Amazing sales keynote speeches for sales conferences, incentive trips, or general company meetings are a great way to get your team members pumped up and ready to tackle their quotas and other targets this quarter and beyond.

The CEO of Asher Strategies, John Asher, is a well-known speaker whose presentations have been called “amazing sales keynote speeches” and have captivated audiences in diverse businesses and locales for several years. Here are some of the elements which make John a great choice for your next speaker booking.

30 years’ experience as a sales trainer

John Asher has three decades experience as a sales trainer and has delivered his energizing, growth-boosting material to tens of thousands of sales professionals worldwide – from Fortune 500 firms to small and midsized businesses. He holds the interest of any audience he speaks to thanks to the depth of his sales knowledge – knowledge which is available only from John. The data in his amazing sales keynote speeches regarding emotional intelligence and neuroscience-based selling is something which salespeople yearn for to take their performances, and commissions, to the next level.

Naval career

John was the captain of two fast-attack nuclear submarines on top-secret missions during his tenure in the U.S. Navy. While he obviously cannot divulge classified information, he does have plenty to say about those experiences in his amazing sales keynote speeches, particularly the lessons in salesmanship he acquired while handling both subordinates and superior officers. Later, he worked in the Pentagon and learned even more about sales and negotiations while seeking funding for his programs.

It is safe to say that John has some very interesting stories to share with sales professionals thanks to his background.

Pioneer in using neuroscience-based sales techniques

Another huge differentiator for John is his reputation as a leader in science-based selling. Extensive studies have been made in human decision-making processes and the emotional triggers which spur either positive buying decisions or rejection of salespeople and the brands they represent. John masterfully distills this information for the audiences he speaks to. This makes a rather complicated subject easily understood by all.

Learning this data supercharges salespeople and truly gives them an edge, because they feel causative about dealing with buyers of various personalities rather than intimidated.

For amazing sales keynote speeches, look no further than John Asher of Asher Strategies. Give your sales force the inspiration and knowledge they need to reach their next level of performance.

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