Close Deals Faster Sales Workshop

The Sales Training Program that Lays the Foundation in Creating Consistent Sales Team Performance

World-class 'Best of Breed' Sales Training Will Leave You With:

INSTANT ROI. Apply the skills and sell more starting the next day

CLOSE SALES you would have lost before Asher

Take your PROSPECTING to a new level, make it fun and productive

Know the BORN SALESPEOPLE on your team and how to still be great if not

Sales teams will dramatically improve performance immediately and keep getting better

Close Deals Faster Sales Workshop

This is our one-day premier sales training offering designed to make an immediate and drastic improvement in your individual or team’s sales performance.

  • You will learn the Top Ten Selling Skills with actionable new insights that will make you a better salesperson immediately
  • This sales improvement course has been delivered to over 50,000 salespeople in over 2,100 companies
  • The training focuses on being interactive, fun, motivational while learning the 10 basic, but vitally important, sales skills to be a top salesperson or sales team
  • Our Top Ten Selling Skills are Focus, Coaches, Research, Rapport, Listening, Messaging, Solutions, Closing, Relationships, and Referrals.
  • You will learn the Top Ten Selling Skills in the context of a deeper understanding of personality types, Neuro-linguistic Programming, and Emotional Intelligence which makes Asher’s training easier to grasp and produce better results faster

"Your sales training is responsible for the 60% increase in sales and 70% increase in profits that our organization enjoyed during the past year."

Kevin Gallagher, Vice President Information Technology Group, Aegis Research Corporation

Seminar Details

The seminar begins promptly at 8:30 am and ends at 5:30 pm. Continental breakfast begins at 8:00 am. Cost is $695 per seat. This includes continental breakfast, lunch and a Top-Ten Selling Skills Training Manual.

Companies who have had their salespeople trained by ASHER have experienced an average of:

Covered in this Training are the Top 5 Skills of Super Sales people


Increase in sales fom acquisition of new customers


Reduction in sales cycle time


Increase in sales of high margin, add-on business to current customers

The Top-Ten Skills of Super Salespeople Are Covered In Detail:

Focus on a Few Top Prospects

From prospecting, to qualifying, lead management and time management learn to focus where you are most likely to see great results. Learn a few easy tips to change your sales process habits.

Research Prospects and their Organization before your First Contact

See how up-front research of your prospects, their company, and the competition can make you stand above the crowd. Get the latest technology to do your research quickly and be insightful to the prospect.

Use Coaches to Understand the Customer Requirements

Learn the tricks and technology to easily identify potential coaches in any sized company. Knowing the theory of personality types from a whole new approach, learn to quickly mirror their personality and win the sale.

Ask Questions and Listen

Learn the best-of-the-best of “Solution Selling” by asking the right questions and listening. There are several secrets in this section that will make you a better salesperson overnight!

Be a Solution Provider

Overcome your Top Two Fears and know how to prove the value of your offering in any sale. Know what it means to be a trusted advisor and how to set yourself up for that role. Learn how to handle objections with ease and most importantly how to discuss price and stay profitable.

Use Powerful Marketing Messages

Get Asher’s “Killer Argument and tips on ROI analysis vital for every sale. Get new insights into using testimonials in your sales process and learn to discriminate your products and services like you never have been able to do before.

Building Long Term Relationships

Building Long Term Relationships. Re-examine your definition of client service and how to do account management. Practice a sure-fire way to handle customer problems that will turn them into positives for the future. Get Asher’s Secret 6 questions to ask when soliciting customer feedback. (Hint: these 6 questions are a very powerful sales tool the day you start asking them)

Ask for Referrals

Easily ask for referrals after you have been to the Asher sales training. Know several options for asking for referrals, some using recent technology advances and some proven for decades. Make cold calling a thing of the past for may salespeople.

Build Rapport

Reinforce the importance of first impression and learn the “classic five buyer decisions” that can make or break your sale right up front. Learn some simple, new techniques to build rapport in today’s social media, fast-paced world.

Closing the Sale

Role play and know you can close the sale in any situation. If you have any trouble with closing, this section of the course will pay for itself ten times over. It's a key to why John Asher wrote his book “Close Deals Faster” and one of his key discriminators against the competition in sales training.

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The training was really very helpful in laying out the proper way to make a sale to a potential buyer/donor. The do’s and don’ts will be really helpful in our careers. Our entire organization really benefited from this training.

Edna Galvan, Program Manager, United Way

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