Business Development designed for Government Agencies and Contractors

ASHER has over ten years of experience training in the complex sales environments faced by Government Agencies and Government Contractors. Many standard sales practices are not applicable when working with the government and our Master Trainer, John Asher and our Senior Trainer, Steve Johnson, are both retired Naval officers with amazing insight into the world of government sales and procurement.

Top-Ten Business Development Skills for Government Contractors

Discover the Best Practices for Business Development for Government Contractors - The top 4% of the Business Development people in the US Government database bring in 94% of the business. Discover how your business development people and program managers can perform at an elite level with their classic business development skills. Learn More

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Forging Program Success Workshop

The two-day Forging Program Success Workshop concentrates on the best practices for program execution and advocacy including building relationships with all program stakeholders: Users/Warfighters, Congress, Department of Defense (DOD) staff, the Program Executive Officer (PEO), service laboratories, Federally Funded Research and Development centers (FFRDC’s), contractors, related programs, competition, system commands and their field activities

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Winning Proposals Workshop

The two-day Winning Proposals Workshop concentrates on the best practices for developing winning proposals, including building relationships with the client organization, understanding customer requirements, developing solutions to meet customer needs, and developing appropriate marketing messages that serve as the foundation for winning proposals. Attendees will gain an understanding of the relationships between the organization’s business development functions and proposal processes and how these functions relate to them. The workshop includes analysis of case study situations tailored to the customer’s challenges and small group strategy sessions applying the techniques learned to real business targets and skills practices. The seminar is based upon our extensive research of over 150 references, the perspectives of senior proposal managers and source selection authorities, and the experience and skills of ASHER’s facilitators who have excelled in proposal development.

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