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Repetition is the Key to Knowledge.

Knowledge is the key to Execution.

Execution is the Key to Elite Sales Effectiveness!

Studies show us: 20% of sales skills effectiveness is attending in-person training, 80% is turning best practice skills and techniques into habits

This is where the ASHER Virtual Academy can help!

Turn the Top Ten Sales Skills Into Habits

The ASHER Virtual Academy is an online e-learning platform, including videos of ASHER Sales Trainers, detailed presentations of each skill and quizzes, built to teach and reinforce the ASHER Top Ten Sales Skills. Whether you attended an ASHER Top Ten Sales Skills Open Enrollment Seminar, or attended with your company, this platform is designed to assist you in turning those new skills and techniques into HABITS. If you have not attended an ASHER Seminar in person, AVA allows you to explore the Top Ten Sales Skills in a different setting. We encourage you to use this platform, so you can execute like the ELITE Salespeople who are selling the top 20% of the goods and services in the country!

Reinforcement Designed For Your Needs

We listened to our training participants who asked us for reinforcement modules they can use on their own and when traveling. Now, through the ASHER Virtual Academy, salespeople have the best practice ASHER selling skills in the palm of their hand. This added flexibility allows salespeople a much higher chance of being able to execute the skills in front of a customer, when it counts the most!

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How does it Work?

Each Sales Skill Module will assist participants in better understanding of the skill and how it’s used within their unique selling environment. One Skill Module is introduced each month with additional resources sent in between each module. The modules consist of a Three-Step Process including:

  • Watch an ASHER Sales Trainer video introducing the Sales Skill
  • View a presentation of the Skill
  • Complete a Skill Assessment Quiz

Once you complete the 12 Modules (1- Five Factors of Sales Success Introduction Module, 1 - Emotional Intelligence Module and 10 Sales Skills Modules), you will become a certified ASHER Sales Professional!

Get Started Risk Free

You can start the ASHER Virtual Academy by clicking below, entering your information and beginning the free demonstration module, The Five Factors of Sales Success. Once you have completed the free demonstration module, you will be prompted with options to enter the full program of the Top Ten Sales Skills.

Companies who have had their salespeople trained by ASHER have experienced an average of:


Increase in sales from acquisition
of new customers


Reduction in sales cycle time from
initial contact to close


Increase in sales of high margin, add-on
business to current customers

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The day after your sales training...I put the new techniques you taught me into practice immediately and closed a $300K sale! I know it was a direct correlation to attending your training because some of the techniques were the opposite of what I would have naturally done in that situation with a new prospect. Thank you so much!

David McNeil, Distribution Rep, Kenseal Construction Products

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