Neuroscience-Based Sales Hunting Workshop

The Sales Training that uses neuroscience & cognitive bias to awake the buyers 'old brain' to increase sales

World-class 'Best of Breed' Sales Training Will Give You The Tools To:

SELL MORE THE NEXT DAY. Sales hunters will have new confidence and expertise to dramatically increase sales results immediately

NEVER LOSE A BUYER because you don’t understand how they are thinking, get inside their emotional, decision making brain

UNDERSTAND THE SCIENCE of why people buy from you and be able to reproduce those emotions in more buyers every day

LEARN NEW APPROACHES to selling you won’t find in any other sales course and be an elite sales hunter

Neuroscience Based Sales Training

This is our advanced one-day “Hunter” focused sales training course designed to take the outside hunter salesperson to the next level of performance. It incorporates the latest in sales related neuroscience to open the door to even more sales by the top outside sales hunters.

  • You will learn the sales techniques from the latest neuroscience studies. These are powerful tricks that your competition won’t know about.
  • Reinforce the 10 skills from the Asher Close Deals Faster seminar so that you can sell at a high level in every situation.
  • Learn how top salespeople can “wake up” the buyer’s emotional (decision making) brain and have an immediate powerful impact
  • Transform your personal sales steps when you know how to use the 50 cognitive biases which influence buyers and determine your sales success

"Your sales training is responsible for the 60% increase in sales and 70% increase in profits that our organization enjoyed during the past year."

Kevin Gallagher, Vice President Information Technology Group, Aegis Research Corporation

Seminar Details

The seminar begins promptly at 8:30 am and ends at 5:30 pm. Continental breakfast begins at 8:00 am. Cost is $695 per seat. This includes continental breakfast, lunch and a Top-Ten Selling Skills Training Manual.

Covered in this Training are the Top 5 Skills of Super Sales people


Increase in sales fom acquisition of new customers


Reduction in sales cycle time


Increase in sales of high margin, add-on business to current customers

The 6 Stimuli to Wake Up the Buyer’s Emotional Brain:

Let the buyer be ME! ME! ME! focused

Use simple, easy to grasp ideas

Harness the power of the beginning and the end

Clearly contrast your offer from your competition

Employ images, pictures and videos for maximum message impact

Create engagement, excitement, and EMOTION in the sale

Bring This Training To Your Organization

Ten Examples of the 50 Key Cognitive Biases We Apply to Sales

  • Anchor Bias – always be the first to present
  • Single Option Aversion Bias – never offer just a single solution
  • Choice Paradox Bias – never offer more than three solutions
  • Safety Bias – salespeople are never considered safe
  • Status Quo Bias – this is your biggest competitor
  • Compliment Bias – always compliment the buyer early
  • Reciprocity Bias – always give the buyer something extra
  • Familiarity Bias – why it takes 12 or more touches to make a sale
  • Action Bias – don’t over-touch prospects


Customizable for your Team and organization. Just as in our introductory course Close Deals Faster where we cover the Asher Top Ten Selling Skills, this advanced Sales Hunter course is perfect for a team of high-powered salespeople who want to expand their knowledge and dramatically increase their sales results.

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Amazing! An hour later, we had several nuggets of opportunity, changed the rest of our presentations to meet the prospect’s needs and ended up with five million dollars of new work on the spot. My most sincere thanks for changing the way we do business development.

David Cooke, President, Pivotal Insight, Inc.

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