Sales Skills Reinforcement

Maximize Probability of Retention and Use Through Follow-up Training

Sales Skills Reinforcement

Investing in sales training is a three-step process:
Assessment. Training. Reinforcement.

After assessing and training your sales team on best practice skills and techniques, reinforcement is key for new habits to be formed and executed.

ASHER offers proven skills reinforcement options to choose from including free video downloads, webinars for large teams and coaching for sales managers.

Skills Reinforcement Tools & Services

Skills Webinars and Sales Manager Coaching

This option allows for the team to reinforce the skills through the webinars, and the sales manager to become a champion of the ASHER process so they can build a sales culture within their organizations.

Typical Engagement: Quarterly Sales Workshops, Monthly Customized Training, Bi-weekly Sales Manager Coaching

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One on One Coaching for the Sales Team

Targeted one-on-one coaching for salespeople and/or the sales managers. This reinforcement option is very effective as it turns members of your sales team into champions of the ASHER skills and process.

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Interactive Skills Reinforcement Webinars

Typically done on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, ASHER Skills Webinars allow the team to get together again and review each skill one at a time and have discussions with the ASHER trainer on how to execute each skill. Webinars are 60 minutes long and for up to 100 people.

Typical Engagement: 4 Monthly one-on-one sessions

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ASHER Training Video Library - FREE

Take advantage of the ASHER Video Portal at for access to free training by John Asher, and other senior trainers. Many sales leaders use this free portal to reinforce skills as they begin their sales meetings. These videos will encourage discussion about how the team is using each skill in their selling environments.

Recommended: Use as training during weekly/monthly sales meetings

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The day after your sales training...I put the new techniques you taught me into practice immediately and closed a $300K sale! I know it was a direct correlation to attending your training because some of the techniques were the opposite of what I would have naturally done in that situation with a new prospect. Thank you so much!

David McNeil, Distribution Rep, Kenseal Construction Products


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