Best Sales Training Program Case Studies

"Company Growth rate increased by 50%"

  • Situation: The client is a large construction company in NE Ohio specializing in parking garages
  • Challenge: The sluggish economy was stifling growth. Sales revenues were off by 12%. Company expansion into the mid-Atlantic region was stalled
  • Revenue Growth Strategy: The CPQ (sales aptitude assessment) was given to all customer facing employees (about 50). All attended our two day “Selling Excellence” seminar. The Executives, managers and marketing team participated in a two day sales and marketing process improvement workshop. Goals, major projects and action plans were developed. Internal champions metrics and due dates were assigned to the major projects.
  • Results: The company used the aptitude assessment to increase individual productivity. Our top sales training program turned the sales people into “lean, mean selling machines.” The marketing processes were implemented and started developing qualified leads using a combination of SEO and PPC. The company growth rate increased by 50%.

"Sales up by 876% in one industrial segment"

  • Situation: Our client is a distributor of LED lighting systems for large installations such as big box retailers and warehouses. The lighting systems are manufactured in Weihai, China.
  • Challenge: The company was not meeting revenue targets, only 8 of the 40 sales people were effective. The website was brochure only.
  • Growth Strategy: The client needed an overall growth strategy in order to meet growth goals of 20% per year. We administered the sales aptitude assessment to the 40 sales people. Half of them did not have adequate sales aptitude and they were getting poor or no results. None of the sales people had previous sales training. The company’s website was not generating any meaningful leads.
  • Result: 25 of the 40 salespeople were replaced. A few were shifted to different jobs in the company where they had the right aptitude. The rest were dismissed. New sales people were hired. Our top sales training program and follow on coaching was provided to the salespeople. We helped the company develop an interactive website, start an SEO campaign and implement an integrated CRM and marketing automation tool. After four months the website started generating multiple leads for the salespeople. After six months, the company’s monthly revenue run rate had increased by 89%. In one industrial segment, sales were up by 876%.

"Government contractor increases sales by 60% and makes the INC 500"

  • Situation: The client is a government contractor providing services to Federal agencies in the DC area, other than the DOD. It is a woman/minority owned business.
  • Challenge: The management team was unfocused and ineffective. There were no existing business development processes. The company had no strategic plan. Growth was anemic.
  • Growth Strategy: The following services were provided within a few months:
    1. Strategic planning facilitation
    2. Business development process improvements
    3. Sales aptitude assessment for all customer facing people
    4. Our top sales training program for all
  • Result: Sales accelerated dramatically to a 60% growth rate. The company has received numerous awards by the government and other organizations.

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