Corporate Sales Training Programs

Fortune 500 Corporations

These companies are leaders in their industries, and are generally quite large, with multiple subsidiaries and widespread distribution of offices and/or plants.


  • Intensely competitive, with deals in the millions or even billions of dollars not uncommon
  • Difficult to access decision makers at other large firms
  • CEOs and C-suite execs can display challenging personality types


Fortune 500 companies with great products, excellent service, and superior sales processes can constantly grow market share and continue to grow in all economies.


The biggest players are the multi-nationals — many of which are everyday brand names.


  • Deal with different government entities, so must navigate myriad laws and red tape
  • Compete against companies that have tremendous resources, including vast sums of money and excellent talent
  • Require sensitivity to local customs


  • Understand how to deal with government entities and contractors as salespeople
  • Broad strategic planning and team building
  • Sensitivity training to different cultures and how they conduct business.

The results of the corporate sales training program should be the capacity to expand into new, overseas markets while capturing more business in existing areas. Even though the above sales training size considerations are useful guidelines, each company should still be evaluated on its own merits and situation. Cookie-cutter sales training solutions simply do not deliver optimum results. Asher Strategies will help you figure out the optimum sales program for your specific business, no matter the size, and put you on the road to greater profits. Contact us today today to get started.


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