Sales Training Programme for an International Company

Virtual conferencing and other instant global communication tools have made conducting international business possible for more companies than ever before.

Among the benefits are new revenue streams, cultural diversity in the corporation, lower production costs, and better brand prestige.

Along with the benefits of doing business internationally come some drawbacks, however, and if your sales training programme does not address them, business development can be stalled.

For this reason, make sure your sales training programme is conducted by a firm with the appropriate qualifications and which can help you navigate the sometimes murky waters of doing business globally.

The importance of international experience for your sales training programme

Sales teams in global companies selling internationally face some unique challenges:

  • They must become familiar with numerous government entities and regulations on how to legally conduct business in each new territory
  • Locals might take offense at business practices and social mores which are completely acceptable in the home country
  • They must compete against not only native companies, but other large international firms
  • Account management and customer service becomes more complicated due to distance and language barriers

The good news is that all of the above issues are solvable through appropriate sales training, process improvement, and strategic planning and marketing.

It is critical, however, that your sales training and consulting firm has enough real-world experience in international business to know how to succeed in this market.

ASHER Strategies � Leaders in International Sales Training Programmes

ASHER Strategies has years of international business experience and in training both SMBs and Fortune 500 companies seeking to expand their global footprint. We train not only sales people on how to bridge cultural and communication gaps, but also managers and executives on best practices for building international teams.

Some of our distinctions:

  • Our Chairman, John Asher, is the ex-CEO of a company he brought up from seed to maturity with 50 million dollars in annual revenues. He combines this experience with over 70 working trips to China, giving him a deep insight into the current Asian boom and how businesses are thriving there.
  • Mr. Asher�s extensive first-hand experience has enabled him to provide a valuable perspective and a distinct competitive advantage to CEOs whom he has personally trained worldwide. Now this same advantage is available to you.
  • This is complemented by the entrepreneurial background of the rest of the sales trainers on our team, all of whom have overseas sales experience and are actively still selling. In other words, this is not some ivory tower wisdom, but real-world knowledge that gets results.
  • To better meet the demands of our international business partners, and keep �boots on the ground� in areas where our clients seek to expand, ASHER Strategies has opened company offices in China, and will soon expand to Europe with a new programme.

The global community is shrinking. Make sure your company is correctly positioned to succeed in this exciting, fast-paced world of international business with the right sales training programme.

Contact ASHER Strategies today to find out more about our international selling solutions.


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