Sales Aptitude Testing for a Team

The importance of teamwork has been stressed to us from a very young age. Working well with others is an extremely valuable skill and we learned this in school with group projects, participating in sports and various other activities.

Of course, this ability is practiced and learned over time. Effective teamwork is learned by being immersed into various team settings. We learn how to be more adaptable when working with those that are different than us. We learn the best communication strategies to use for certain types of people. We also learn what personality traits mesh well, and which traits are naturally friction prone.

In order to uncover the unique ways for a team to operate well together, we must first be deeply aware of ourselves and the people we are working with. Getting to know everyone individually can be quite a process in itself but learning how everyone works with each other takes a complex understanding. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a blueprint for working well with your team members? The answer to this question is simple; sales aptitude testing for teams.

If each person on your team at work takes the APQ sales aptitude test, successful teamwork is not far behind. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the people you’re constantly interacting with has obvious benefits and it will bring your team to a more seamless journey towards achieving common goals.

Compare, Contrast, and Communicate

Discover the similarities and differences between you and your coworkers by comparing and contrasting your results. Determine how you will most likely work with everyone based on the quantified personality traits that the assessment provides. Naturally, you might not work as well with some coworkers as you will with others, and the APQ will help you identify the reasons behind such relationships. If two coworkers know what is causing the friction, they can learn how to navigate this struggle, and they’ll have a better chance at overcoming their differences.

Another important key when using sales aptitude testing for teams is to make sure to have ongoing open conversations. Analyze and discuss the results of the sales aptitude tests as a team. Ask others how their personality traits are apparent in their workplace habits. Ask them what methods of communication they are most receptive to. Be sure to share your results with your team members as well. Maybe you can seek advice from someone that possesses a strength where your weakness lies. If you are open about your weakness with closing sales, for example, your team member who excels in this area might be able to offer you some beneficial advice. Further, if you directly communicate your needs and strengths with your coworkers, they’ll be able to work with you according to your personality.

Additionally, as a team, you can delegate work based on ways that benefit the entire team—allowing team members to do the work that complements their strengths. With the foundation of knowledge provided by sales aptitude testing you will also not be as surprised when a team member works in a specific way. In fact, you might be able to predict how they will communicate with you. You may think to yourself that it makes sense that you always receive very short emails from one of your team members because they have a high ego drive and low empathy. Before your team took sales aptitude tests you might have felt like this person was being short because they were upset. Now you’re aware this is how they naturally communicate with others.

No more guessing games—the APQ doesn’t leave room for inaccurate results, so you can be sure of exactly who is on your team. Your team will understand each other, and the benefits will show on a daily basis. This quick assessment will make workplace communication and work in general much more smooth sailing.


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