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Companies partner with ASHER Strategies, a growth strategy consulting firm, to develop consistent, scalable, measurable ROI and top line revenue growth through sales training, marketing, and process improvement.

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John Asher's impact as a trainer and a keynote speaker

John Asher Sales Presentation

Watch ASHER Trainer, Kyla O’Connell, help new salespeople feel like experts!

On-site sales training

Watch ASHER Trainer, Steve Johnson, capture audiences with his amazing background and stories that cement new information and techniques!

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Hear first-hand from clients on ASHER's training and business impacts

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Improve sales team performance

Develop A Top Performing Sales Team

Start with hiring the right sales team, develop them through targeted sales training and improve performance with coaching and ongoing training.


Fill Your Funnel With ‘Ready-to-Buy’ Leads

The first lead-to-sales turnkey program built for B-to-B companies that ignites sales from lead to close. Starting with high traffic qualified lead generation, through targeted nurturing and lead scoring, this program delivers leads to sales teams then the buyers are ready to buy.

Ramp Up Your Revenue
Sales Marketing Automation

Improve Processes & Reach Business Goals Faster, More Efficiently with Scalability

The Asher Strategies Growth Roadmap starts with strategic planning and includes proven sales, customer service and delivery training modules.


ASHER's Quick Sales Tips

Some of the major characteristics of top CEOs

Good News! Understanding Emotional Intelligence can result into higher levels of success!

10,000 hours is necessary to be an expert, but not enough. You need to have natural aptitude as well.

Don’t train people to do things they aren’t good at doing!

Avoid the temptation to transmit information…even with simple sales, a larger solution is possible when you ask questions first

Research the best in class situations and trends in order to effectively challenge customers

LinkedIn has changed the game in many ways around sales and marketing

The person who is really in control of the conversation is the one asking the questions and guiding the conversation, be sure that is you!

The best, and most often overlooked, place to look for Coaches, is inside your own organization

Don’t be timid at the time to close, just look for the right signals!

The Buying Process is something your customers want, and need, for you to explain to them

The customer believes what they tell you to be the truth…an added benefit to asking the right questions upfront