5 Good Reasons to Hire a Business Development Coach

How’s business?

Really, answer the question. Are things so good that you have more leads than you can handle? Are you turning away clients because you are too busy making money with your existing ones?

Chances are, you would like to close more deals, gain more market share, and make a lot more money.

If this is you, then you should consider hiring a business development coach.

Here are 5 very good reasons to do so:

1. Accomplish goals and tasks quicker

Working with a business development coach can save you time. A good coach teaches you how to become more effective, efficient, and productive with every task that is performed. He will also or she will also identify bottlenecks and impasses in your organization and business processes to help you clear them, speeding up your time to accomplishment.

2. Develop greater self-confidence

A business development coach can give you a different perspective of yourself and your potential. They will encourage you to challenge yourself in ways you may have never imagined. Overcoming obstacles will prepare you for even bigger targets in the future.

When possible, choose an outside coach rather than someone from your company. An external coach is usually better accepted as he or she doesn’t have disciplinary powers over employees like a manager or company executive does. Since punishment is not part of the equation, the coaching is more relaxed and this leads to greater confidence in following what the coach suggests.

3. Be held accountable

Business development coaches will hold you accountable for what really matters as you run a growing organization. The business world is chaotic and complex. Schedules conflict and obstacles always seem to present themselves. This is why it is helpful to be held accountable by a third-party when the unexpected happens.

Constructive criticism and encouragement to accept responsibility from a coach will improve all areas of your business. People work harder when they know they are being observed and evaluated.

4. Identify strengths and weaknesses

It often takes the outside perspective of someone who knows you really well, to tell it like it is. As a business development coach gets to know you, they will help you exploit your strengths while bolstering your weaknesses. Neutral, third-party coaches offer a realistic evaluation of where you are and how you can improve.

I like this quote from Greg Clowminzer: “Your blind spots can be fatal in business. A coach can help you understand alternatives you may not have considered.” Very true.

5. Become a better leader

Working regularly with a business development coach can help you improve leadership skills that will take you to the next level. As stated in Forbes, “After you work with a coach for a while you can start to adopt those powerful questioning techniques, which helps you become a better listener.”

Coaching involves active listening and a positive approach. If you tend to yell at employees, a good coach can inspire you to be better. Solid active listening skills will enhance your leadership abilities and make you a more approachable sought out team member.

Are you ready for a professional business development coach to help you take your career to the stratosphere? Let’s talk.



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