How Sales Training Leads to Greater Profits

At Asher Strategies, we believe we are on the cutting edge of sales training. Admittedly, so do many other sales training firms. With so many claims out there , this can lead to not only a confusion in how to select sales training companies, but also to wondering whether sales training really “delivers the goods,” since there are many different systems.

In all earnestness, I believe that sales training, such as that delivered by Asher Strategies, is the most cost-effective way to drive extra profit to your company. Why is this?

Reduce Turnover

By increasing sales skills, Asher sales training allows you to salvage sales staff who might be struggling, reducing turnover and associated expenses. You might even discover that a few of these are capable of becoming top producers, with the correct training and role assignment.

Before investing in training for low performers or new staff, however, make sure you assess them to make sure they have an aptitude for selling first. One criterion for how to select sales training companies is whether they honestly address the simple fact that not everyone can sell, or whether they try to train everyone, including the janitor, in order to sell more training courses to you.

Take good performers to the next level

Proper sales training and coaching can turn your average performers into superstars who produce more revenue per “seat in the chair” in your sales force.  As a disproportionate amount of sales are made by these top producers, it makes sense to try to push more of your team to this level.

Top performers also tend to attract other top performers from competitors to your recruitment lines. I guess they figure “If Joe is doing so well there, maybe I should give it a whirl.” Whatever the reason, having better salespeople on your roster sparks interest from other top producers, making it easier and cheaper to recruit.

Greater margins per sale

When salespeople are properly trained, they can close without resorting to big discounts which eat away at your company’s bottom line. Price drops are the laziest way to get a sale, and professionals who are properly trained rarely resort to this trick, but instead get into such great communication with the buyer that price is barely an issue.

Another thing which well-trained salespeople excel at is cross-selling and upselling — two activities which greatly improve ROI since more revenue is produced from each customer acquired.

How to select sales training companies

The only thing which should matter in choosing a company to train your staff, in my opinion, is results. There is not much more to say about it — does their methodology produce greater sales or doesn’t it?

The folks at Asher Strategies work hard to provide a great ROI for your sales training dollar and turn out the very best salespeople possible. That thousands of these sales professionals across the world continue to use our training well after their workshop has ended, and that many choose to voluntarily write in and share their successes with us, is pretty good evidence that we are achieving this.

Contact us today and get started on the road to greater profit. I look forward to working with you and your team.


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