Is a Large or Small Sales Consulting Firm Better?

Sales consulting firms can help businesses discover the most effective sales processes and techniques for their market, plot a path to recovery, and revitalize a sales force. But when looking for a suitable firm, you might want to try a small one.

Here are a few reasons why a smaller consulting firm is more likely to have the best interests of your own business at heart over any of the larger firms.

In the Trenches

While a small sales consulting firm might be very successful, it doesn’t have the enormous cash reserves of the larger, more corporate establishments. This means that it cannot afford to rest on its laurels, so it is always hustling for more business and figuring out what works to capture more of it in a volatile, competitive market — just like you.

Instead of teaching solely the basics (which are important), a smaller firm can instruct a sales team how to leverage the newest technologies, such as social media, CRM software, mobile devices, display ad retargeting, new recruitment tools and more — because these are the items being used to transform the sales profession by nimble sales people “in the trenches” today.

Personalized Attention and Accessibility

Larger sales consulting firms are apt to give you the cold shoulder if you try to approach the owner or top executives that oversee the consultants with whom you interact. At smaller firms, you have a better chance of building an actual relationship with an owner and his subordinates, allowing you to procure the knowledge of more people who have different specialties that can benefit your business more directly.

It’s easier to engage a smaller group of people, rather than wade in and out of a larger group. This will lead to more personalized communication, and the attention to detail that you need when devising effective business strategies together.

And rather than deal with an endless telephone tree or robo-responses through email, smaller firms tend have actual humans available to respond to your queries.


Prefer to do a video conference instead of face-to-face coaching? How about meeting in Singapore instead of in Washington D.C.?

If it makes business sense, a small sales consulting firm can bend the rules a bit and adapt to your businesses’ needs much more quickly than larger firms, which often have to deal with several layers of approval in order to get anything done.

Curriculum can also be tweaked to match the current business issues you face, rather than stick to bloated and dogmatic “one size fits all” teaching practices too often employed by the larger corporate training firms.

As you can see, ultimately it might be better to hire a smaller firm, like Asher Strategies, because they have fewer limits than the alternative and can therefore provide much better service. They have your best interests lined up with their own, you’ll receive more personalized attention, and you’ll be able to more easily find one that adapts to become the right fit for your business.




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