John Asher Featured in MilliOnAir Global Magazine

John Asher was recently featured in December’s issue of MilliOnAir Global Magazine highlighting the Top 10 Skills of Super Sales People.

From the Article by Chris Windley:

Some of the work that I was doing with a client prompted me to refresh my own mind in terms of what I thought was important about great sales organizations and great salespeople and look for supporting evidence.

I came across a slidedeck and videos by John Asher of Asher Sales Training – check out his bio here – and was immediately drawn to him.

In the first video of a series outlining the “Top Ten Skills of the Super Salespeople” he highlights the following:

  1. That you should work for a company that generates qualified leads by  using internet technologies and marketing automation e.g. Hubspot, Pardot.
  2. That you should work for a firm that has telesales generating meetings for salespeople (internal or external).
  3. That you should use the advance search technique available with the Premium version of LinkedIn.Now – This is interesting because this particular company has all three – the third one I have introduced into the company with great success.

The Top Ten skills are:

  1. They focus on a few top prospects (and contact them 7-12 times).
  2. They use “inside coaches” to fully understand prospect requirements (and if they don’t have one make this prospect a lower priority).
  3. They research prospects thoroughly before making them a top prospect (qualify them).
  4. They ask questions and listen more than talk.
  5. Because of superb knowledge they act as a business consultant and solution provider.
  6. They provide appropriate marketing messages and evidence to prospects.
  7. They look out for and recognize when the buyer is ready to buy.
  8. They know how to close the sale – in a number of ways.
  9. They build long-term relationships with prospects and customer by providing superb customer care and account management services.
  10. They ask for referrals and have a process to follow up on them.

All of these points really resonated with me and support what I have been saying to this client and their salespeople.

Use a sniper rifle not a shotgun!! Research and qualify before moving from your desk.

You have 2 ears, 2 eyes and 1 mouth – use that in proportion.

Gain knowledge about your products and services, industry and competitors. use that knowledge. As a salesperson you will visit hundreds or even thousands of prospects and customer and if you listen you will hear all the issues that exist and the solutions to those issues. Very few prospects have the opportunity to meet as many of their peers as you do so very quickly you become more knowledgable than them and hence a ‘go to’ resource.

If you focus on verticals an solutions you will get very knowledgeable about them indeed. You will also collect all the supporting materials that you need to back up your proposed solutions.

Read the Original Article here.

Learn More About the Top Ten Selling Skills of Super Sales People

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