John Asher Discusses How to Close a Deal with Close Deals Faster

I recently had a phone call with content marketing expert and blogger Willie Pena to talk about my new book, Close Deals Faster: The 15 Shortcuts of the Asher Sales Method. We spoke for about 20 minutes, and we figured it might be of some use as a quick free educational podcast for salespeople looking to close deals faster. So we have placed the recording of the call on YouTube for you to listen to the conversation.

During the call, I talk about the value of Close Deals Faster for salespeople and cover what makes it different from anything else out there. I also speak in-depth on a few of the recent discoveries made by neuroscientists and how they relate to selling, and the science of how to close a deal. I guarantee if you start adopting these discoveries in your sales process, you will make more money without too much additional effort.

Here are some of the highlights of the interview. Scroll down for the YouTube video to hear the whole thing from start to finish!

What sets this book[Close Deals Faster] apart from the others?

“One is I’ve taken the best ideas from all the…training institutes and as you mentioned actually about 300 books on sales…extracted the best ideas, got rid of the overlap and then turned it into a set of selling skills that are needed to make sales happen.

“…then the second thing we’ve done that is different from anybody else is, for the first eight of the skills to get a new customer, we have developed what are called 15 shortcuts that’ll make sales happen faster.

“…the third difference is in the last few years there has been just an explosion of new ideas from the neuroscientists based on multiple studies that show us how our old brain, the decision-making brain, makes decisions…so now we know all decisions come from the old brain, not the rational brain…. We are really the only sales training company that has taken all that information from all these neuroscience studies, boiled it down, made it simple so we can all see how to apply it.”

If you had to decide on only one of the 15 shortcuts in your book to share with a salesperson who wants to improve their performance, what would it be?

“One of the most impactful shortcuts is called Perfect Listening. And it’s actually the chapter you can download for free if you want to check out the book and read that chapter. So if you go back to the old brain stimuli, the first stimulus is the old brain is ‘Me! Me! Me!’focused. It’s true for all of us. We’re worried about our own safety, our own success – that sort of thing.

“So there’s a couple of practical applications to use. One is, if you watch most sales people give a presentation it generally sounds like this: ‘Here’s our objective; here’s the vision of our company; here’s a picture of our new building; here’s a picture of the CEO; here’s a list of our ten integrated IT technologies – let’s start with IT technology number one…is the old brain awake yet? The old brain is ASLEEP, because you are not waking up the old brain which is ‘Me! Me! Me!’focused.

“So when you watch the great salespeople give a presentation, the first slide or flip chart or TV screen, is ‘Here is our understanding of your needs.’ …  That will cause in 95 percent of the cases an immediate conversation. So now we’ve got the buyer’s old brain talking about their issues, and after that conversation has gone on for quite some time, well how many of the 36 slides in your slide deck do you have to show? Hope it’s kind of obvious, but you don’t have to show too many!”

What else do you think people should know about this book?

“Well it’s really oriented towards people that are selling business to business, or business to government, or…business to high-net worth individuals.

“…the process of selling to those three groups is pretty much the same. So if that’s the business salespeople are in as opposed to, you know, retail or car sales guys and that sort of thing, then this book is just totally tuned for those salespeople.”

Listen to the Entire Podcast Here:

For a new look on selling B2B, B2Gov, or to high-net worth individuals, please order mybookClose Deals Faster: The 15 Shortcuts of the Asher Sales Method which is published by IdeaPress and available on Amazon.


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