5 Keys to a Successful “C-level” Sales Call

There are few things as intimidating for green salespeople as the C-level sales call. First, most give up as soon as they encounter a tough gatekeeper. Second, they might never have previously dealt with people in such high positions of authority, and can get self-conscious as soon as they see the expensive furnishings and no-nonsense demeanor many executives display.

While pursuing C-level leads and opportunities is hard work, the rewards are handsome when successful. To help, here are five to improve the conversion of your C-level efforts into closed sales.

1. Dress the Part

Dress for success is certainly a cliché. However, when it comes to getting into the mindset of the C-suite and achieving C-level sales, following this precept is a must. With proper attire comes confidence, power and drive. All of these can help to seal the deal with your C-level contacts. Much like an improvisational actor, a large part of succeeding in sales is a core belief in your role and approach.

2. Mimic Body Language and Voice Tone

Time is a crucial thing for any executive. Her day was already busy and possibly overbooked before you ever called. Speaking to her on her level and mimicking her moods and tone can help to establish a connection quickly and improve the chances that she will stick around to listen to your presentation. The National Association of Sales Professionals recommends taking this one step further and mimicking the vocabulary she uses as well.

3. Plan Ahead

With all of the effort involved in reaching a C-level prospect, the last thing you want to do is blow the deal within seconds of contact. Plan your approach using a formal new business capture process; be prepared for questions; and rehearse your call until you can recite it from memory. No C-level sales prospect wants to feel like you are reading from a printout or following a script. Their time is invaluable. Acknowledge that by being at the top of your game.

4. Use All Available Resources to Provide an Introduction

InsideView recently shed light on some important considerations in getting through to the C-suite. Their study revealed that a referral from someone inside the company is your best way to improve the chances of making it through to the C-suite. The next best way is through outside referrals. The majority of respondents said they would never answer an unsolicited direct call. This is why we stress the development of “coaches” at Asher Strategies.

5. Perform Business Intelligence Work

Effective sales strategies revolve around creating a connection and offering a solution. This is a crucial part of C-level sales. For high-dollar, complex B2B sales, take the time to become deeply familiar with the prospect’s business, industry, products and current systems. This helps to build credibility and allows you to tailor your pitch to the needs of the C-suite and business with precision. I like LinkedIn as well as trade journals and local business papers, and many also find success through watching Twitter conversations as well.

C-level sales is a fast-paced and competitive area. From finding an inside lead to mirroring the tone and vocabulary of your prospective client, these five tips are key to improving your conversion rates and closing sales. Happy hunting!


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