Are you properly qualifying your leads?

Learning how to qualify your leads is a critical skill necessary for success in the sales field. Not all leads own the potential to become a prospect. Deciphering whether or not your lead is qualified to become a prospect can be a shaky process. Time is everything, and any amount of time that can be saved by prioritizing what will be best for you and the customer, should be taken.

To effectively examine your leads, all you have to do is ask!

Always go back to the thought– what is most helpful for both the lead and me?

  • To start off, first ask yourself if the lead even fits your ideal customer group. That’s an easy tipping point that can be dealt with right off the bat.
  • Second, get to the core of why this lead is taking action.
  • Third, face the truth and make sure that this action is within the organization’s budget. You’ll face some sticky situations in the future if you aren’t completely positive that the lead can afford it or has a bad credit history.
  • Fourth, ask yourself the logistics of the process. What’s the time frame? Are we both clear on the decision-making process? Who are the decision makers with authority to buy?
  • Fifth, take care of your potential lead. Make sure to determine that you have what it takes to make a killer solution that satisfies their needs and creates a high ROI for them.
  • Lastly, take care of yourself. Would this lead bring revenue and margins sufficient for my company?
  • If you’re still having a difficult time, try to imagine what your life will be like in the future with this lead. Truthfully ask yourself if this is the type of customer you even want to work with.

With these questions, you are able to effectively decipher what is best for your lead and your company. By taking care of both parties involved, you can reach a clear decision when qualifying leads.


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