How to Sell Even Before You Get a Lead

Today’s prospects are information seekers who don’t wait for proprietary information from sales people to shape their buying habits. They research online and consume massive amounts of product details and brand information, giving them incredible power and insights that would seem to weaken the impact of sellers. But all is not lost.

Changing times call for changing sales strategies. Sales professionals and marketers must cater to smarter prospects by leveraging customers’ thirst for content, tracking their behavior, and using technology to deliver marketing with a laser-sharp focus.

 to create a highly effective way of selling products and services before you know the real identities of prospects.


RAMP – A New Style of Customer Relationship

Prospects who are ready to buy read content that will influence their buying decisions. By creating a wealth of content that lures these prospects to certain websites, blogs, social media accounts and other content platforms, sellers can strategically offer essential and coveted information. Not only that—sellers can track what pages and information are read by certain visitors, creating a profile of that visitor so that marketing campaigns can be highly specific and target the prospect’s proven interests. This can lead to higher sales closure rates, faster and shorter sales cycles and more intelligent sales campaigns. This is the new way of managing customer relationships; it’s a much more innovative way to profile audiences.

Why Behaviorial Modeling Works

Behavioral modeling uses online data from the social computing habits of people to predict buyer behavior.  Just by browsing, clicking, searching, reading, watching, downloading or revisiting certain places on the Web, a prospect is silently telegraphing what he or she wants to buy and when. By capturing this information, sellers can drive content interest by creating their own targeted content to lure prospects. After that, they can follow up with additional contact, using email and automated systems to supply additional content to already interested prospects over days, weeks or months, along with buying prompts.

By anchoring the RAMP sales optimization process on behavioral modeling, the system produces high quality leads who are most primed to buy; this cuts down on time spent trying to cultivate poor leads.

Experian marketing services confirm that behavioral modeling can boost a company’s return on investment as well as give sellers a more accurate picture of the true interests of their target demographic.

The Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation systems, like RAMP, work with a company’s content management systems and customer relationship management software to reduce manual marketing, replacing it instead with the automated variety.  Forbes notes that such automation , which helps to find, cultivate and manage leads, is especially helpful for business-to-business sales, which yield the most revenue.  Marketing automation can take mundane and repeatable tasks and do them simply and easily, sparing human labor and time. It does all this without providing a generic experience for customers; to the contrary, every prospect gets highly customized content based on their profile and real history.

With premier software available, using automation and behavior modeling to sell more efficiently and shift prospects to customers has never been so easy.


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