Understanding your buyer’s fears

Now that you’ve acknowledged a salesperson’s two biggest fears (product knowledge and rejection), it’s time to think about what types of fears your buyer has. Believe it or not, you’re not the only one that is anxious about the ordeal. In fact, the buyer’s biggest fear is that they don’t fully understand the value of your offering.

The biggest lesson here that we all struggle with on a day-to-day basis is that we are not communicating properly with our prospects. To properly provide the value to your offering, you must first recognize that there is a difference between participating and doing.

By being deeply involved and committed, your buyer will find it easier to retain the information. Also, don’t be afraid of thinking outside of the box. For example: in exchange for lower prices, partner with your best customers who will allow the prospect into their company. This will allow the prospect to actually see your solutions in action. Let them see with their own eyes how your offerings have brought value to an actual company.

You’re probably very good at communicating the standard “what our company does” and “what we are known for”. Both of these things are essential for helping the buyer really understand the background to your offer. But the key thing here is customizing the point “here’s what our company can do for you and here is why we’re a great match”.

By recognizing that both you and the prospect experience fear, you will most likely find it much easier to communicate. Focus on really showing your prospect what kind of value your offer will bring, and clear understanding will lead you to a solid professional relationship.


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