The Classic Five Buyer Decisions

When working with a potential buyer, many tools and tips are racing across our minds. From how to shake their hand all the way down to how present your services, we are full with an overwhelming list. These lists are very helpful and work efficiently but it is important to not become overwhelmed with what you should be doing and completely forget about how you are actually being received.

The classic five buyer decisions help you attain a clear understanding of what is going on outside of your head. It allows you to step into the buyer’s shoes and see into their decision making process. Here are the five major questions that buyers ask themselves leading up to a decision:


  1. Do I buy you? Most importantly, there must be a sense of trust. The more positive the buyer feels about you, the more likely they are likely to move onto step two. The buyer wants to feel secure in your knowledge and ability to honestly treat them well.
  2. Do I buy your organization? Remember that you are representing your company. The buyer must feel that your organization will match them well. The buyer is very in tune with their expectations and will look at your company’s reputation to ensure that you can offer them everything they need.
  3. Do I buy your product / service? They want to know what problems your product will directly address. They also look to the future thinking, “What opportunities will this bring me?” Keep in mind that they have many options so they will also look to how your service stands with the competition.
  4. Do I buy your price? After assessing the product, the buyer wants to make sure that the price truly reflects the value. They are concerned with return on investment and want to know what they will have to invest to begin seeing results. They are not just concerned with the monetary price, but also the sacrifice of time and hassle.
  5. When do I buy? The last thing the buyers ask themselves is when to make up their mind. They want to know if and when they need the products you have to offer.

Buyers will almost always make these decisions in the order listed. So next time you find yourself in the throws of a sale, make sure to keep in mind how the buyer is thinking. Knowing how their decisions are being made will allow you to more easily relate to them and step into opportunities.


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