Being Honest Isn’t the Same as Being Mean or Brutal, But It’s Necessary

Join these two authors, John Asher and Vincent Burruano, talking about what took them so long to write their books. That leads to the motivation behind Vincent’s latest book, “A Daily Dose of Sales Wisdom“. This takes us to an important distinction regarding being nice can be unkind. What Vince means is that honesty is necessary to build trust, and sometimes that means telling a hard truth or two to your sales team. They both make the distinction between being honest and being mean or brutal. These are great communication skills and will help you help your team improve without being on the defensive. Tune in for this episode of Asher Sales Sense, “Being Honest Isn’t the Same as Being Mean or Brutal, But It’s Necessary.”

About John’s guest:

Vince Burruano is a leader of high-performance sales teams, a sales training professional, a published author on sales strategies, and a sales coach. He believes learning and growth are the keys to success at both the individual and team levels. Vince practices a customer-centric approach that encourages mutually beneficial relationships.

As a VP of Sales, Vince understands not just the challenges of selling, but ineffectively setting goals and managing sales teams to achieve them. He is also the author of “A Daily Dose of Sales Wisdom: Practical Advice for Sales Professionals and Leaders to Excel” and “The New Sales Professional’s Playbook” and a member of the Forbes Business Development Council.

Receiving his MBA in Business Administration, Management, and Operations from The George Washington University and his Bachelor of Philosophy from the School of Philosophy at the Catholic University of America, Vince is also certified in the Top-Ten Sales Skills of Elite Salespeople (ASHER Global Leaders in Growth Strategies) and SPIN Selling and Managing the Complex Sale (Huthwaite International).


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