RAMP – Leads to Sales Faster & Automated

Integrated Lead Generation, Marketing Automation and Sales Processes Built For B-to-B Companies

If you are a growing company that needs MORE SALES, RAMP will integrate your lead generation, marketing automation follow-up, and sales processes. The result will be a sales process that will turn out qualified, sales ready leads and more of them? Do your marketing campaigns seem to be inconsistent depending on your sales team’s focus? Now, there is a way for marketing to work together with automation and put your business on the growth curve you know is possible. Revolutionary Automated Marketing Process (RAMP) is the answer for any marketing and sales team that wants to be ahead in the world of business.

Turning Your Leads to Closed Business

Wish there was a proven process to get your marketing efforts turning out qualified, sales ready leads?

Do your marketing campaigns seem to be inconsistent depending on your sales team’s focus? Now, there is a way for marketing to work together with automation and put your business on the growth curve you know is possible. RAMP integrates digital lead generation, marketing automation for individually targeted follow-up and your sales process itself. It’s the answer for any marketing and sales team that wants to stay ahead of your competition and grow.

Introducing RAMP – Your Complete End-to-End Lead Generation To Sales Machine

RAMP is a “simplified” version of sales optimization that integrates lead generation, marketing automation and top sales practices. The result is a sales process that can be successfully applied to any business where the sales cycle is longer than a few days and depends on a high performing sales team.

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How Your Business Benefits

Increase sales because your sales team works highly qualified leads closer to their readiness to buy

Deliver over 300% ROI for your investment through automated marketing campaigns

Create a Sales Funnel that nurtures your qualified leads while filtering out low quality leads. Sales are steady and predictable.

What It Means For You

The RAMP process rises above other sales and marketing techniques by looking at behavioral modeling in order to consistently produce solid, quality leads.
As CEO, you want to see your sales team (and your company) succeed, but it’s hard to gain momentum chasing lukewarm leads and implementing dead-end marketing plans.
Over time, RAMP uses the sales funnel to engage and educate your true audience. Because the process is automated and individualized for your marketing needs, your work becomes more efficient as time goes on and machine learning is applied to your process.
Through the use of lead scoring, RAMP filters out leads that don’t offer opportunity for real sales. Quit chasing those low potential opportunities and focus on those that will bring you new revenue in the short term. Your sales team will love RAMP when they see only qualified leads that have already been educated to the value your company offers.
RAMP should be in your marketing arsenal because it was created with hard data proving the success of behavioral modeling and the growth of marketing automation. If your company wants to be successful in business and stay ahead of your competition, RAMP is your answer. RAMP gives you over 300% ROI, automated marketing, and a re-vamped sales funnel. RAMP allows you the luxury of more time to work on fulfillment of growing orders.
ASHER Strategies is proud to have developed this end-to-end process for you. Through our partnership with industry leaders, The Pursuit Group and WSI B2B Marketing, we are confident this project will change the way companies market and make sales.

How it Works

Create Awareness With Your Most Qualified Prospects

According to Forrester, 70% of B2B research is done online prior to reaching out to potential vendors. The old “selling cycle” is gone. Your sales and marketing teams can’t be “order takers” any longer and succeed. The buyer now has more information than ever dreamed possible, even 5 years ago. Your marketing and sales process demands modern technology, automation, and full integration to give the buyer the information he or she needs and guide them to your company’s better offer. RAMP does this for B to B companies.

Engage Visitors on Your Website, then Convert Them to Leads

RAMP identifies, develops, and offers content that anticipates the information your buyers want and need, and presents it to them within a well-designed and interactive digital marketing program that combines engaging content with clear calls to action and registration pages. You will be responsive to the buyer’s needs whether looking for initial research, comparing company capabilities, or in the final decision process justifying their decision to buy.

Know Which Prospects to Call, and Which to Nurture

The fact remains that 70% of buyers who don’t buy today will buy from someone in the next 24 months once they start researching a new purchase. Fast moving companies have reached out to “Marketing Automation” to fill this need for an automated marketing platform for getting the right content, to the right buyers, at the right time, based on who they are and what actions they take inside your process. Then, you need to be able to track their activity, score it, and alert sales when someone is sales-qualified and showing buying intent.

The Sales Team Roadmap is The Start To Your Sales Success

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Helping Medium-Sized & Enterprise Companies Achieve Sales Goals.

Amazing! An hour later, we had several nuggets of opportunity, changed the rest of our presentations to meet the prospect’s needs and ended up with five million dollars of new work on the spot. My most sincere thanks for changing the way we do business development.

David Cooke, President, Pivotal Insight, Inc.


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