The Financial Payoff of Sales Aptitude Testing

On the extensive list of benefits of using the APQ Sales Aptitude Test, lies the many great financial payoffs. Saving money while making smart business decisions is a no-brainer.

The APQ is a proven asset for teams and for individuals. It is helpful when making hiring decisions, developing coaching strategies, and it can propel teams towards reaching higher sales goals.

In the case of sales aptitude testing, a large price tag does not follow the large list of benefits. Purchasing sales aptitude tests actually amounts to a rewarding financial decision. Any business that effectively uses the APQ will be left with a ripple effect of positive outcomes without having to sacrifice good spending habits.

The financial payoff of sales aptitude testing presents itself in many areas of operation:

Break the Cycle, Not the Bank

Stop the treacherous process of blindly hiring someone and having to replace them soon afterwards. Many managers and executives know this sequence of events all too well, according to an article on, “46% of newly hired employees (and 50% of executives) fail within 18 months of being hired or promoted” (Hyman, 2018). This staggering statistic should cause any hiring manager to proceed with caution when hiring. Hiring a candidate that will be fired in the near future is an extremely costly mistake that can be avoided when the APQ is used wisely.

Hiring people that are a better fit for the company will result in better employee retention rates. An employee hired after taking an APQ will be more likely to remain working with a given company. Dodge the costs associated with frequently replacing employees by purchasing APQ assessments today!

Dream Team

Teams that work really well together exude efficiency. By definition, things that are efficient, are able to achieve something while using less resources. Efficient groups of people use less time and less money to accomplish their work. Therefore, teamwork is a cost saving mechanism.

In a workplace, a great team is characterized by a balanced skillset, compatible personalities, and tools to actively improve upon teamwork. These are all ways in which sales aptitude testing will aid your team. The APQ will lead a group of employees down a financially sound path of teamwork.

Not to mention, the APQ is designed to help fill the team with individuals with a natural aptitude for sales. This is the perfect recipe for a high performing team of salespeople.

It’s Worth It

Once your company begins using the APQ, spending less money on various business operations, will occur naturally. The APQ saves money through a precautionary approach. In other words, it is a tool used to prevent certain expenses (like having to hire someone new) from accruing.

Saving money means there is more room in the budget for other expenses, money saved is money earned. The money saved after using the APQ sales aptitude test and a high-earning team is evidence that this tool is totally worth it.

All in all, investing in sales aptitude testing is investing in a long-term savings strategy. The APQ’s plentiful benefits make for one financially savvy business decision.

Hyman, J. (2018, June 20). When The Hiring Manager Becomes The Firing Manager. Retrieved August 31, 2020, from


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