Handling Objections

When we hear the beginnings of an objection, our first instinct is to feel rejected. We feel that objection equates to negativity. We shut off and assume the buyer is uninterested. But what if we started to look at objection as a pathway to refining. What if we looked at objection as constructive criticism?

When a buyer offers an objection, it typically means they are entrusting you with their fears and hesitations. Take this communication as a helpful way to learn more about how to really make the sale. It will also help you on where you can be clearer next time. When clients have no objections, the success rate is low because it shows that they have little interest in fully understanding how you can help them.

Tips for responding to objections:

  • Don’t get defensive. You may end up coming off like a know-it-all. Any hint of this, and your buyer will be completely turned off. Take a deep breath and restate the objection if you need time.
  • Listen carefully. Your buyer feels that they can trust you with their uncertainties, so continue to build that trust by really hearing what they are saying.
  • Restate. Show the buyer that you understand what they are saying by restating the objection in your own words. This will also help you gain clarity.
  • Find a way to agree. Think about how the buyer’s perspective is helping you gain knowledge into exactly what they are looking for.
  • Ask permission. Try to understand exactly what they are saying by asking to delve deeper into the objection.
  • Practice. Have a mock session with fellow salespeople in your workplace. Role-playing will train you for real results.
  • Satisfy. At the end of the day, your job is to satisfy the objection and make that agreement.

A great way to prepare for handling objections is being familiar with the buyer’s personality. Our CPQ tests help you gain knowledge into how you communicate with others and how others need to be communicated with. By having a deeper understanding of the CPQ test, you may be able to see certain personality signs in your buyer and know how to best communicate with them. For more tips on handling objections or to learn more about the CPQ test, contact us today.



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