Does HR Help You Hire Star Salespeople?

Training, tools and proper processes will help any sales team improve. Unfortunately, there is one major consideration that you have no control over—sales aptitude. Some people are simply better at sales than others are.

Any firm who has hired a dud is painfully aware of this. Poor performers suck the energy out of a sales team, even if they are “nice.” It is far better to put them in non-sales roles where they can succeed rather than stick them in a position where they will lose while hurting your company as well.

As such, the best way to maintain the quality and performance of your sales staff starts in HR.

Identify strong candidates with aptitude testing

Sales aptitude testing is one of the most reliable ways to ensure that you hire star salespeople. The best tests not only check for sales prowess, but help to assess the personality traits and approach of the candidate as well.

By investing in a high-quality sales aptitude testing program, you can glean a wealth of information and predictions about candidates while reducing the risk of hiring a non-qualified person.

Attract natural sales leaders

A business with an outstanding reputation and competitive edge will attract better sales candidates. Why work for a mediocre company when you can work for, and live like, the best? If your business isn’t naturally attracting sales leaders, it might be worth researching why.

Outside of reputation, there are a few things to consider when drafting your recruitment messages to better attract star salespeople.

  • Be honest and transparent. Embellishing facts might grab initial attention but a few minutes of research are all it takes to sour the prospect to your opening.
  • Emphasize growth opportunities. Sales leaders know they are good and want to be better. If you don’t offer room for them to thrive and grow, they will look elsewhere.
  • Sell Your Business. Sell your business and the open position. Winners attract winners, so let prospects know they are joining a group of leaders, rather than inform them that you hope they can help turn things around at your struggling firm.

Utilize your best resource

While an all-star reputation and the perfect job ad can help to hire star salespeople, many businesses and HR departments overlook one of the best resources available—existing sales staff.

A large part of successful selling is exceptional networking abilities. Chances are that your existing sales people know as much, if not more, about top sellers and competitors in your industry than you do. Tap into this knowledge for exceptional hiring suggestions. If your star saleswoman recommends your company to a friend, they are far more likely to take the time to check out what you have to offer.

The best way to bolster your sales ranks is to ensure that you hire star salespeople. From aptitude testing to internal referrals, these tips can help make it easier for HR to find high-quality recruits. For additional tips on recruiting sales professionals, consider this infographic from Entrepreneur.


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