Recognizing The Buyer’s Shift

It’s the magic phrase that is on every salesperson’s mind: “close the sale”. There are many steps to closing the sale, and you must be aware of each. Recognizing the buyer’s shift will put you one step closer to landing that sale.

As a professional salesperson, you must be in tune with your buyer. Recognizing that this process is a two-way road is of utmost importance. You must listen AND watch for when the buyer changes his/her point of view and decides he/she wants your product or service. For premium examination you must put your multi tasking skills into full force. While speaking to your buyer, tune into their body language.

Here are some principal body language signals to keep an eye out for:

The buyer has shifted:
– An active, friendly facial expression
– Chin stroke
– Eye contact
– Relaxed, palm opened hands
– Uncrossed arms
– Uncrossed legs (or if they’re crossed, they are crossed towards you)
– Body is angled towards you and is upright in posture

The buyer has not shifted:
– Eye rubbing
– Pursed lips
– Facial scratching
– Avoiding eye contact
– Hands in pocket
– Pen tapping
– Shoulders are tense with crossed arms
– Tapping legs
– Body is slouched or leaning away from you

Body language provides 55% of the signals. If you’re simply listening to your buyer, you’re missing out on a huge determining factor. Tune in next week for our tips on getting to the closing point once you have recognized the buyer’s turn.


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