How a Sales Hiring Assessment Can Save You Thousands

These days, any job opening is likely to attract a large number of potential candidates. Pre-screening these applicants can help reduce that number to a more manageable size who can then go forward into a more rigorous screening process.

Sales hiring assessments offer companies an opportunity to make a more informed decision when it comes to hiring. The following post will discuss several benefits of using the APQ (Aptitude Personality Questionnaire), a pre-employment aptitude assessment that has proven to save money during the hiring process.

Rule out incompetence

A scientifically designed and well-administered pre-employment assessment can provide objective information about each candidate’s skills and attitudes. Pre-employment testing is a viable strategy to wean out candidates who do not possess the required skill set and personality for the position, saving money and headaches in the long run.

A sales hiring assessment can save astronomical amounts of money because it reduces the potential slow learners and poor producers on the hiring line.

Reduce turnover

Reducing turnover has many benefits that ripple through an entire company. Sales hiring assessments may reduce the likelihood of employees being let go for performing poorly or not successfully completing training. The lack of skill required and or fault in personality will have been already recognized during the hiring process.

Expenses associated with replacing an employee include recruitment, selection, training, and occasionally severance pay for the departing employee. Its been estimated that replacing entry level employees costs about 16% of their annual salary, and this number increases even more for salespeople, which can cost upwards of $250,000 in hiring, training, and lost business opportunity expense.

Less time consuming

The recruiting process can be incredibly time-consuming. Rapid growing applicant pools make it progressively difficult for recruiters to manage applicant flow and identify the right prospects within a sea of resumes. Including a sales hiring assessment in this equation can simplify this process.

Pre-employment aptitude assessments limit the hours spent on time-consuming recruitment, hiring, interviewing, and training activities by simplifying how to discover the right candidates with the most potential to succeed. Candidates who complete the hiring sales assessment are, at the very least, serious enough about the position to put in the time to take the tests.

Increase productivity

Aptitude assessments create a structured, in-depth perspective on performance and potential. This measuring tool empowers employees and job candidates to take ownership of their career development and ensure that they are working in areas where they can add the most value for everyone.

Sales hiring assessment results provide detailed development and coaching tips to help employees create personal objectives and improve performance. Continuous evaluation of employee’s personal effort and performance is the ultimate way to grow your company, save money, and make your sales boom!

Align personality

Testing for sales positions unlock potential by ensuring employees’ personalities are well matched to the company’s performance and management styles. Use of these assessments during recruitment helps hire people who have the right makeup that complements that of their colleagues, management, and clientele.

Linking personality assessments to your competency framework by using the APQ will drastically improve the corporate culture of your company. For more information on the APQ please contact us.


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