3 Powerful Sales Closing Techniques Taught by Famous Keynote Speakers

I have enjoyed being a keynote speaker for several years and attendees always seem to want some kind of magical sales closing techniques which will help them close deals faster. As you probably can guess, there is no magic. It takes a lot of skill and work to close sales, and no single technique works in every case.

That said, there are some sales closing techniques which strike deep into our emotional programming and have a high success rate. Many have been taught by the finest sales and motivational keynote speakers. Without further ado, here are three powerful sales closing techniques as given by three leading keynote speakers.

Zig Ziglar’s Shame Close

Everyone wants to fit in with, or even surpass, their peers. Social proof is vital currency to the salesperson, so impactful that it can close sales practically by itself. We are all wired pretty much the same, so social proof is as applicable to B2B sales as much as to retail, so don’t shy away from trying it on a corporate buyer.

In the shame close, you highlight social rules the buyer is breaking. In B2B sales, this technique could include items such as using outdated technology, using unsustainable raw ingredients, possessing a large carbon footprint, lacking diversity in some way, or hundreds of others. You could also appeal to their ego or vanity, such as “At your level, you are empowered to make this purchasing decision, right?” 

Here is Zig himself relating how a shoeshine boy used this close on him:


Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Success Formula

This falls in the category of sales closing techniques and the attitude to use when closing. Robbin’s formula in a nutshell is to firmly know what your desired outcome is (and why), take massive action to get it done, measure results, and adjust the approach if things don’t work.

The first step here is what I want to focus on as a sales closing tool. It is to understand what you want to achieve and your desire behind closing the deal. Is your motivation only to make money, or are you trying to transform your customer’s business to both his and your benefit? If it’s the former, any resistance tends to discourage you, because there is no integrity to back it up. If it’s the latter, then you will be willing to press towards getting the signature and close the deal faster because you understand that if you don’t, negative outcomes might result for this customer (less business, more stress, etc.). This very powerful shift in thinking will better your emotional connection with your buyers, and therefore your close rate. 

Brian Tracy’s Demonstration Close

The last of these sales closing techniques is brief and comes from Brian Tracy. It not only qualifies the prospect, but also gets a commitment for a decision at the beginning of the presentation, and avoids the “I want to think it over” objection since they agreed upfront to buy if you prove your point.

“If I can demonstrate this is the best product you can have for the price, are you willing to move forward?” or “If I can show you how this will double your customer base over the next 12 months, could you commit to a $10,000 purchase today?”

Try these out and comment below if they helped you close a deal this week!

The Six Closing Principles


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